For applicants

Applying to TAMLU

In 2022, the intake of students to Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School was 260, of which

  • the general programme admits 185 students
  • the visual arts and design programme admits 75 students

The visual arts and design programme at our school was assigned a specific educational mission from 1 August 2018. Students in the programme have the right to reduce 16 credits from compulsory general upper secondary school study units.

How to apply

1. General upper secondary school

Participate in the joint application process 

2. Visual arts and design programme

Apply in the joint application process. In addition:

Register for the entrance examination using the e-form. All applicants will be invited to the entrance examination. The invitation to the exam provides more detailed information on the registration procedure. The entrance exam includes 2–3 assignments: usually a drawing, painting and building assignment. The entrance exam measures the motivation, general artistic talent, imagination, creativity and problem-solving ability of those who wish to study in the programme. The earlier entrance exam assignments are not public. You can access the registration form through a link when the application period begins. Potential changes will be announced in spring.

Participate in the entrance examination. The entrance exam will be held in Tammerkoski Upper Secondary School on April 28th, 2023. The identity of those participating in the examination will be checked in the morning: remember to bring you identity card (passport, moped licence, etc.). You must bring the materials listed in the invitation with you to the exam. You can also bring some snacks. Please note that the use of a mobile phone during the test is prohibited.

The students of the visual arts and design programme are selected based on the average grade in academic subjects and the entrance examination.

The minimum average required for the visual arts and design programme is 7.5 (average in academic subjects in the basic education certificate). In the final student admissions, both the average in academic subjects (max. 10.0) and the success in the entrance exam (max. 10 p) are taken into account. Therefore, the maximum score for the visual arts and design programme is 20 points.

Statistics on student admissions

The lowest average in academic subjects for admission to the general upper secondary school programme was 8,16 in 2022.
The lowest score for admission to the visual arts and design programme was 15,16 in 2022.

Updated 11.11.2022