What is Art Arc?

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Art Arc is a cultural education programme connected to the City of Tampere’s early childhood and basic education curriculum. Art Arc familiarises more than 20,000 children and young people with art and cultural sites every year as spectators, experiencers and creators.

The programme has been built in such a way that every child receives versatile experiences from different fields of art and culture during their early childhood education and school path. The Art Arc comprises two parts: a visit to a cultural institution and a workshop. The aim is that the young people who finish comprehensive school are familiar with their own cultural environment, the city’s numerous cultural sites and different art types.  
All schools and age classes in the city are included, from pre-school to ninth grade. The classes participate in the activities during the school day together with the teacher. 

The cultural education programme reaches children in early childhood education from the age of 3. The aim is to develop Art Arc activities also as part of the cultural education for children aged 0-2.

The Art Arc is committed to the goals of sustainable development. A sustainable future is built together with pupils and partners. Environmental education is part of the contents of cultural education. 

The Art Arc is coordinated by the Art Arc team of Tampere Public Cultural Services. The programme is created in network-like cooperation with high-quality actors. Every year, Art Arc takes schoolchildren to visit 8–10 cultural institutions and employs dozens of artistic and cultural professionals in the field in a project-like manner.  

Teacher feedback on Art Arc: 

We’re waiting for the next year! An excellent concept from year to year, with a treasure at the end of this arc, time after time.

Updated 7.2.2024