Hatanpään lukio upper secondary school

Welcome to Hatanpää!

Hatanpään Lukio (aka HaLu) is an upper secondary school situated just outside the city centre and next to the leafy Hatanpää Arboretum. HaLu offers a down-to-earth, comfortable and safe learning space for learners. The school attracts knowledgeable and diligent teachers who not only care for their students and support them as they develop self-knowledge and accountability for their own studies, but also equip them with practical skills to cope with life.

HaLu is a good-sized school, that is, we have about 400 students. This means students ‘do not disappear in the crowd’, but get discernable and individual guidance as HaLu is a homely, peaceful and supportive environment for studying. The school, particularly, puts an extra effort in providing students with friendly group guidance and good counsel in course selection.

The school operates as a general upper secondary school, in addition to music and musical theatre studies. Suitable and functional spaces, such as a recording studio and rehearsal space for music instruments, among others, are provided by the school as a way to support learning and for practice sessions related to music studies. Studies also combine excellent music activities and diverse musical expressions. In addition, physical education, mathematics and natural science subjects, as well as environmental topics offer abundant courses.

Architect Bertel Strömmer’s 1925 designed and cherished school building has been recently renovated and fitted with modern technology. Banquet hall, library and médiathèque are in the heart of the school.

Hatanpää upper secondary school

Haapakuja 5 33900 Tampere
044 4309360 (phone, local/mobile network fee)