Näsi Park

Näsinpuisto (Näsi Park) was created in the early 20th century on almost bare rock using earth dredged from the Mustalahti harbour. The park was planned by Onni Karsten who was the City Gardener at the time.

The western side of the park was completed in 1904 and the eastern part in 1909. Only spindly pines and junipers used to grow on the rock, but now hundreds of trees were planted in the park as well as almost 500 perennials, including imported rare species. Many fragile plants died during the extreme colds of the winter of 1940. However, the dead plants were replaced after the Second World War and Näsinpuisto is still one of the parks in Tampere with a very large variety of flora. On the western edge of the park grows the thickest Populus 'Rasumowskiana' in Finland (the girth was 584 cm at the height of half a metre in 1988). The total area of the park is about six hectares.

On the southern side of the par is the first public work of art in Tampere, dating from the year 1913. It is a fountain of the national romantic style, designed by Emil Wikström and donated by Commercial Counsellor Tirkkonen. The fountain comprises three statues. One of the statues depicts the maiden Pohjanneito spinning gold thread and the other two statues are on a lower level and symbolise the cycle of life by representing a grandfather and his grandson by a water wheel and a grandmother teaching her granddaughter how to knit.

At the highest point of the park there is a memorial erected in memory of the victims of the shipwreck of the S/S Kuru in 1940. The memorial was created by Yrjö Liipola. In Mältinranta, a memorial stone for the Roth and Spoof patrol was unveiled in 1954, sculpted by Sisko Petäjä.

In 1953 a bandstand was built in Näsinpuisto. The newest work of art is Milavida, an environmental work of art created in co-operation with the artist Marra Lampi and the parks department. Milavida is located near the Näsilinna Palace.

The Näsilinna Palace situated at the highest point of the Näsikallio hill was commissioned by Peter von Nottbeck in 1898. The City of Tampere bought this residential palace in 1905. The Häme Museum has operated in Näsilinna. The Näsinlinna Palace was refurbished in 2014-2015, and Museum Milavida was opened in the building after renovation. The playground was renovated in 2014. It is called Fairy Tail Park Tiitiäinen.