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Our customer service is closed for the time being. We serve by e-mail and telephone as well as through the Online-service.

Joining the water supply and sewer network

Statement on the point of connection

Tampere Water prepares a statement on the point of connection for water supply and sewerage plans and for water supply. To acquire a statement, the customer must fill in the order form for a statement on the point of connection and submit this document to Tampere Water, along with a copy of the ground plan. The statement is free of charge.

More information about water and sewer pipes is available from [email protected], tel. +358 40 806 2747.

Connection fee

A connection fee is charged when a customer joins the water supply and/or sewer network. The connection fee is based on separate calculation criteria.

It is charged for buildings to be extended that have not paid a connection fee or when the permitted building area is increased if the floor area grows by more than 100 floor square metres.

A calculation of the fee is provided when the application for a statement on the point of connection is submitted. The fee will be charged when the connection contract (water supply contract) has been made. It will be invoiced in accordance with the related price list as it stands at any given time. The VAT (24 %)is added to the price.

In addition to the connection fee, the property owner is required to cover the cost of building the service pipes.

Building permit

As of the beginning of 2016, building permits in Tampere and Pirkkala are applied for online via Lupapiste. The national Lupapiste service is available at The service also provides personal advice, and applicants can follow the processing of their applications and contact the related authorities. The attachments to be submitted with a building permit application include water supply and sewer drawings (KVV drawings) prepared by a KVV designer and a statement on the point of connection, among other documents.

Link to the permit service:

Connection contract

You must apply for a statement on the point of connection for your building permit before a connection contract can be signed. In addition, your water supply and sewer plans must have been approved by the Building Control Department.

Customers in Pirkkala: Please make sure that your building permit has been approved.

New owner or tenant

If the owner of a property changes, the water supply and/or sewer contract will be transferred to the new owner by the customer service department of Tampere Water. The information necessary for the contracts must be submitted to the customer service department.

Service pipes

If service pipes for the plot have not been built in conjunction with the construction of the street, water supply and sewer networks, the property owner can have them built by Tampere Water based on a quote or by another contractor.

In addition to the connection fee, the property owner is required to cover the cost of building the service pipes. The excavation work for the water and sewer pipes on the plot will carried out by the contractor selected by the property owner, and Tampere Water will install a water pipe up to the water meter in the excavation.

Connecting water meters and service pipes to the public network

Cold water will be delivered to the property through a water meter installed, owned and maintained by Tampere Water. The connection work for the water supply and sewer network, as well as the installation of the water meter, will be ordered from Tampere Water.

Tampere Water will install the service pipe that is connected to the public water pipe. It will also install the water meter and the connections to the public sewer pipes in accordance with the delivery terms and conditions. A water meter can be ordered when the connection contract has been signed. The water meter must be installed and removed and the valve in the water supply connection must be opened only by an installer employed by Tampere Water.

Forms for agreements and work orders are available on the Tampere Water website.


Invoicing for water supply will begin when the property has been connected to the water supply network and the water meter has been installed. When the residents have moved into the completed property, the customer must update their billing information and submit the water meter reading to the customer department of Tampere Water for an annual consumption estimate.

Invoicing for water and wastewater are based on water consumption measured using a property-specific water meter. A self-reading card will be sent to the customer. The customer can use the card to send in the water meter reading by post. The reading can also be submitted via the online service. As part of the online service, the customer can submit the water meter reading without registering for the service, by entering their customer number and usage location into the service.

To ensure uninterrupted invoicing, the customer must inform the customer service department of Tampere Water of any changes related to their water and wastewater bills. The following changes affect invoicing: Changes of name, changes of address, changes of ownership, changes of user, changes in the number residents in the usage location, etc.

An invoice based on an estimate will be sent at an interval of approximately three months from the beginning of the year. For existing customers, the estimate is always based on their consumption history. For new customers, consumption will initially be estimated based on the number of residents, for example.

Balancing invoices are based on water consumption and the wastewater fee from the previous reading to the new reading, taking account of invoices already paid based on estimated consumption.

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