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Good to know

Kela benefits for a student

High school students have a right to receive some KELA support benefits, if certain conditions are fulfilled. You can apply for a student allowance, when your child benefit has ended. Starting from autumn 2019 KELA will pay a study material fee to students from low-income families. This benefit can be given also to those who have no right to receive student allowance. Apply for this allowance by filling in a student allowance form.

When needed, you can also apply for a student loan that is guaranteed by the government.

Daily travel costs may be covered by the school transport subsidy. The one-way trip from your home to school should be at least 10 kilometres.

In some cases, you might have the right to receive a housing supplement.

Application forms are available in the school office and on the KELA website. Further information from Ulkoinen .

Permanent special diets

Coeliac disease diet, Lactose-free diet, Type 1 diabetes diet

When a permanent diet is in question, the student or their guardian must deliver the form Selvitys erityisruokavaliosta to the school kitchen. The form must be signed by the school nurse or a doctor or a dietician. In order to get a coeliac disease diet, the student must have a diagnosis of coeliac disease.

Food allergies

Where an allergy with serious symptoms is concerned, the student or their guardian must deliver the form Ulkoinen linkki"Selvitys erityisruokavaliosta to the school kitchen. The form must be signed by the school nurse, a doctor or a dietician.

Religious or ethical reasons

The student or their guardian must deliver the form Selvitys erityisruokavaliosta to the school kitchen. It can be signed by the guardian or, if the student is of legal age, by the student themselves.

For a vegan diet the requirement is a statement written by the school nurse or by a dietician.

The policy about special diets and the form 'selvitys ruokavaliosta' are available on the City of Tampere website: Ulkoinen linkkiTampereen kaupunki/erityisruokavaliot

School office, 3rd floor

The school office is open for students at 8.00–11.45 and at 12.15–13.30.
- at the beginning of the new period, the first 2 school days at 8.00–15.00.
- at the beginning of the school year during the first school week at 8.00–15.00.

Any documents for the school secretaries and the principals can be posted in the 3rd floor post-box in the administration corridor.


There is a cafeteria on the bottom floor next to the lunch room which is open during school days at 7.45–14.45.

2nd floor lobby

The students lobby is located on the 2nd floor. It has machines where you can purchase drinks, coffee and snacks. There is also a piano, and daily copies of the Aamulehti and the Helsingin Sanomat newspapers are available.

Form groups and clubs may organize their own events in the lobby. The student body will allocate turns, and the groups decide with their form teacher or supervisor what type of event they want to organize.


The school library and study room are located on the 3rd floor. They are open daily from 8.15–15.45. The books in the reference library are meant to be used only in school. This is also the case with magazines. The reference library also contains a chair for listening to music, computers and a printer. This room is meant to be silent for the purpose of study and for work that requires concentration. The books in the back room can be loaned for a period of six weeks. The process of making these loans is automatic and the training for how to use of the loan machine is given at the beginning of school year.


Printed jobs will be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected] Upon receipt of the response message, the PIN code that the student enters on the copier reserved for student printing. After entering the PIN code, printing starts automatically.


A small gym is located in the basement. If you wish to use it, contact the PE teachers.

Recharging devices

In the 2nd floor lobby, there are 20 lockable compartments for recharging laptops or smart phones. There is a socket in every compartment. The locking system works with a single-use, four-digit code. Locking instructions can be found in the compartments.


Each student may have a personal locker. The janitor provides the key for the locker in exchange for the student’s signature. If the key is lost or the key is not returned, the student has to pay 30€. When the final exams are over, the student must return the key to the janitor.

Feedback via Wilma

On the front page of Wilma, there is a link to a feedback form. You can suggest ideas on how to improve and develop school practices. If you wish to get an answer or feedback from your suggestion, use a Wilma message instead of the feedback form, and send it to the principal, assistant principal, subject teacher or guidance counsellor.

Cases of bullying and disturbance, and feedback for cleaning services and for the school kitchen require specific forms. These forms can be found on the list of links in Wilma.

Reporting bullying

Bullying, in any form, is not accepted in Tampereen Lyseon lukio. All members of the school must intervene if they notice bullying. You can tell any member of staff if you are aware of bullying or report the matter via Wilma (there is a link in the permanent bulletins). The matter will be dealt with immediately, and all information will be handled confidentially.