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Tampereen lyseon lukio

Tampereen lyseon lukio high school – Rellu for short – has 138 years experience of achieving results. Although there are as many ways of studying as the there are students, there are three programmes of study: a high-quality general high school programme, a Social Sciences line and an IB programme taught in English and culminating in the international baccalaureate exam.

High school

In Tampereen lyseon lukio high school, or Rellu to its students, you are not only in the city centre; you are also in a centre of learning. Because Rellu is big by Finnish standards, it has the chance to offer a wide range of courses in different subjects. Depending on your interests, you can also study courses independently or in other schools.

In Rellu we have a varied range of languages

• A-languages English, German, French, Spanish
• B1-language Swedish
• B2-languages French, German
• B3-languages Spanish, French, German, Russia

as well as a wide-ranging selection of subjects in mathematics, the natural sciences and the humanities. Rellu’s friendship and cooperation schools are in France, Germany and in Spain. Through the European Studies and the IB programmes our school is part of the worldwide school network.

Taking advantage of the school’s strong connections with the academic world, Rellu students are the most active participants in the University of Tampere courses.

Tampereen lyseon lukio high school is a tertiary-level school offering a general education. It not only prepares students for higher education, but encourages them to play an active role in their own learning.

Key characteristics of general education include critical thinking, creative problem solving, a continuous willingness to learn and a flexibility to act and make decisions both independently and as part of a group. A responsible, healthy, young person who is confident in their abilities will be able to meet future challenges at a personal, national and global level.

Our school educates young people to build a cultural identity based not only on their own cultural values, but also through an open dialogue with other cultures.

Social Sciences Line

The programme offers students an opportunity to emphasise social sciences and languages in their study plan. Research projects, visiting experts and study trips help students to form a view of Finnish society, international cooperation and the actions of the European Union. A work practice period is included to this programme. University studies which take place during the high school years help students to plan future studies and also lower the threshold for starting further studies.

Language of instruction is Finnish.

Social Sciences Line / European Studies programme coordinator
Elina Oksanen
sähköposti [email protected]

IB studies

Lyseon lukio ib-logo

The IB programme (International Baccalaureate Diploma) is an international English-speaking course, which is offered by over 3 500 schools in the world and 17 in Finland. Rellu is one of these. The IB diploma offers a general eligibility for further studies at both Finnish universities as well as abroad.

The actual IB programme lasts two years. Before moving to the programme the students study one year according to the Finnish curriculum, but mainly in English. During the spring of the first year students select their IB subjects from the following subjects:

- Group 1: Best language (Finnish A Literature or English A Language and Literature)
- Group 2: Second best language (English A, Finnish A, Finnish B, French B or Spanish B)
- Group 3: Individuals and societies (History, Economics or Psychology)
- Group 4: Science (Biology, Physics or Chemistry)
- Group 5: Mathematics
- Group 6: Visual Arts or voluntary subjects (Art or a second subject from groups 2-4).

The following subject groups will be taught at the same time, which means that a student can choose only one from each group to their IB programme:

1. Economics / Visual Arts / Spanish B
2. Physics / Psychology / French B
3. Chemistry / History

Because of the all-round education Mathematics, the Finnish language and English are compulsory subjects. There is also Theory of knowledge studies as well as a CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) project, which emphasises social activity. An Extended Essay is written in one of the six subjects and the rest of the subjects chosen for the programme form the basis for the baccalaureate exam.

IB mission statement

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.


The special features of the IB

Relatively few subjects are concentrated on during two years, which allows intensive study of the subjects. Study groups and the teachers remain the same, which is why studying is more focused than in the general high school’s course-based programme. The study groups are close-knit and it is easy to the teachers to follow and support the student’s individual progress.

The essential aim of the IB curriculum is to develop critical thinking. At the subject level this is realised through written assignments in which questions and problems arising from the topics studied are analysed in detail. At the same time the student’s written skills are developed. This is why the IB programme offers excellent readiness for further studies. This is also seen in the students success in gaining places at both Finnish and foreign universities.

Who is IB study for?

The IB is for you, if you

- want academic challenges and are not afraid of hard work
- have a persistent attitude and goal-oriented style of study
- have good self-discipline and strong motivation.

The IB is certainly not the easiest course of high school study, but perhaps it is the most rewarding. So, if you think you’re up to it, seize the chance of a lifetime, and apply to RELLU’s IB programme!

Applying to the IB

The International Baccalaureate programme at the Tampereen lyseon lukio is intended for the following groups of students (usually 16-19 years old): Finnish comprehensive school graduates, children of Finnish families that are moving back to Finland from abroad, and foreign students who move to Finland with their families because of their parents' work.

- Applying from Finland

If you want to apply to the IB programme of Tampereen lyseon lukio, please follow this procedure:

Complete the electronic application form (yhteishakulomake) in the 'Opintopolku' system. The electronic application service is available at the following address Should you wish to have more information about General Applications prodedure, please see the Toisen asteen koulutusopas. If you apply from abroad please contact the school directly.

The minimum requirement for the GPA is 8.2, and at least a grade 8 in English and Mathematics. Applicants who have Tampereen lyseon lukio IB section as their first choice on the General applications form will be notified about the admission result. The yearly intake into the IB programme is approximately 50 students.

- Applying from abroad

The International Baccalaureate programme at the Tampereen lyseon lukio is intended for the following groups of students (usually 16-19 years old): those who have to move to Finland because of their parents' work; Finnish young people who have been studying abroad previously, but are now returning to their home country, and Finnish comprehensive school graduates. We do not enroll foreign students who would move to Tampere without their parents.

We ask every applicant to explain in writing their reasons for applying to our school and a brief description of their educational background and interests in upper secondary school studies. The student should also send an IB APPLICATION FORM (dotx) to our IB Coordinator, together with student's most recent report card. Explanatory comments about the grading system are also important. Also send us course descriptions of the studies undertaken in your school, especially if you are applying directly to IB proper.

Every applicant applying from abroad is required to take an entrance exam in Mathematics and English. The exam can be arranged either here in Tampere or in cooperation with the applicant's current school.

View sample math questions

IB-teachers in Rellu

The email address is of form [email protected]

Phone number for the teachers' room: 040 164 5935

Arffman Iita
IB Chemistry
Davies Mikael
IB English form teacher for 21KA
Davies Terhi
IB Finnish form teacher for 19KB
Dickson Anna-Kaisa
IB Psychology
D'Incau Anna-Maaria
IB Biology anna-maaria.dincau(at)
Halme Johanna
IB Chemistry
Heinsuo Sirkka-Liisa
IB Visual arts
Hyvönen Marko
IB History, IB Theory of Knowledge form teacher for 20KB
Ikäläinen Kaisa
IB Finnish, CAS Coordinator form teacher for 20KA
Järvinen Heidi
IB Spanish
Kiiski Sari
IB Mathematics, CAS Coordinator,
EE Coordinator
form teacher for 19KA
Koljonen Ville
IB Mathematics
Latva-Teikari Jari
IB Physics
Laurila Tuija
IB Coordinator, IB Economics
Linnaranta Seppo
Guidance Counsellor
Luukkonen Salla
Guidance Counsellor
Mäkisalo Soile
IB Finnish
Nieminen Jaana
Ohtokangas Emilia
IB English
form teacher for 21KB
Parviainen Siljaliisa
IB Psychology
Pekkarinen Riikka
IB French
Salonen Ville
IB Theory of Knowledge
Siekkinen Akseli
IB Chemistry
Taubert Tero
IB Mathematics

Contact information

Lyseon lukio IB-koordinaattori
Tuija Laurila
puhelin +358408062909
sähköposti [email protected]

Lyseon lukio opo
Guidance Counselor
Salla Luukkonen
puhelin 040 502 2498
sähköposti [email protected]

Lyseon lukio opo
Guidance Counselor
Seppo Linnaranta
puhelin 040 716 5705
sähköposti [email protected]