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International guests

The Profile of the Classical High School of Tampere

The Classical High School emphasises the importance of an extensive overall education. We strive to provide our students with the best possible skills and knowledge needed in the matriculation examination and further studies. Our students are well informed enough to act as active and critical citizens.

Traditions and reforms

The Classical High School of Tampere has long traditions. Our high school was founded as early as in 1901 and the older one of the two present school buildings we operate in was built next to Tampere Cathedral in 1907. The inhabitants of Tampere have colloquially referred to our school with the nickname Clasu for many decades. As our school is situated in the centre of Tampere, we are easily accessible for our students. Starting in the autumn of 2013 students living in the greater Pirkanmaa area are offered a chance to pursue high school studies with a special emphasis on natural sciences.

Studying foreign languages

There is a wide selection of foreign languages taught in our high school. Most of our students choose courses in foreign languages. Traditionally, Latin has been the hallmark of our school. The following is a list of the foreign languages on offer:

Advanced studies: English, German and Russian

Studies started on the 7th grade of comprehensive school: Swedish

Studies started on the 8th grade of comprehensive of school: Latin, German and French

Studies started in high school: Latin, German, French, Spanish and Russian

In addition, we offer intensive courses in Italian. Also, the National Board of Education in Germany has granted us permission to organize Sprach Diplom examinations in German. We offer teaching preparing the students for the examination. When a student passes the examination, they have the right to apply for studies in higher education in a country where German is the official language.

International contacts

An extensive network of international contacts and maintaining it is one of our strengths. Our school has sister schools in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Czech Republic. The exchange students and foreign visitors that arrive in our school annually are a valuable addition to everyday life in our school.

The Classical High School of Tampere takes part in the Project ESD (Education for Sustainable Development, KA201 within Erasmus+). The project began 1.11.2020. The partners are Vysocina Education, Gymnazium Zdar nad Sazavou, Gymnazium a Obchodni akademie Pelhrimov, Rectorat de l'academie de Reims, Lycee General et Technologique Hugues Libergier and Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, Abt. Wissenschaft und Forschung.

Study atmosphere

An atmosphere that is motivated and encourages discussion prevails during the lessons and the students are treated as individuals. The students are taught to take responsibility for their own studies, but also to be active participants in the whole school community. They are encouraged to try their best and learn from their successes as well as their failures. Each student is guaranteed a safe and peaceful learning environment. The opinions of students are heard and their views matter in the everyday life of the school. The student body is active in developing our high school.

A special emphasis on natural sciences

After spring 2013 it has been possible to apply to pursue studies in the Classical High School of Tampere with a special emphasis on natural sciences. 72 to the grades the students have received in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics in comprehensive school.

There is no especial application process if a student only wants to choose a selection of courses in natural sciences but not apply to the advanced program as such. If there is room on the course, all students may take courses specializing in natural sciences. The only requirement is that the student also studies the specialization courses in natural sciences that are a part of the national curriculum.

Novel, multidisciplinary, extensive

The special emphasis on natural sciences in the Classical High School of Tampere is based on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences. The courses are also interdisciplinary with Health Studies, Social Studies, Geography and Philosophy. Several of the specialization courses are multidisciplinary so they draw from sciences across the board. The aim of the studies is to research and comprehend scientific phenomena extensively and from various angles.

Inspired, memorable, experimental

The studies highlight observing natural phenomena and gaining an insight into conformity to scientific laws. Working together and new ways of studying offer the students unique learning experiences.

Unique, future-oriented, significant

Close cooperation with Tampere University of Technology provides the students with a golden opportunity to concretely familiarize themselves with the newest achievements in the field. Cooperation with Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences offers further scientific approaches to natural sciences. High school studies with a special emphasis on natural sciences guarantee a solid basis for further studies in Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Medicine, Physics and Technology. The wide selection of foreign languages combined with studies with a special emphasis on natural sciences form a good basis should our students consider pursuing further studies abroad after graduation.