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LUVA High School Preparatory Course in English


The object of LUVA preparatory course is to improve students’ readiness to pursue high school studies. The course focuses on Finnish languages skills, study techniques needed for high school studies and overall strengthening of different skills. Subjects studied in LUVA are as follows:

  • Finnish Language and Literature ( Second Language – L2)
  • Other Languages
  • Mathematics and Natural Science Subjects
  • Social Studies and Cultural Awareness
  • Study Guidance
  • Optional Studies

Optional studies are offered in accordance with student’s individual study plan in order to enhance basic courses, as well as high school courses. LUVA course does not automatically guarantee high school admission; students need to apply through the normal process, that is, joint application “yhteishaku" which takes place in spring. During the course, it is possible for students to study subjects that can later earn them high school credits. LUVA studies last for one academic year, and are held at Hatanpään Lukio High School.

LUVA student can be a person:

  • who is an immigrant or speaks a foreign language
  • who has completed basic education syllabus or equivalent in Finland or abroad or has adequate knowledge and skills
  • whose Finnish language skills need improvement in order to pursue high school studies
  • whose primarily objective is to apply for high school admission afterwards
  • who has not completed secondary school or high school studies in Finland or equivalent qualification elsewhere

Applying to LUVA education

Applying to LUVA will take place once a year in the general “yhteishaku", online on All applicants will be invited to an interview at school.

More information from the LUVA-coordinator Ms. Tuija Leppäharju, phone 040 4309361, email: [email protected] (in email ä = a).