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Parking in the centre of Tampere is nearly always subject to a charge. The purpose of paid parking is to ensure that everyone has a chance to park their car when in town.

Parking fee

There are some 4,000 street-side parking spaces subject to charges in Tampere. Parking fees range from 3,20 euros per hour in the centre to 1 euro per hour outside the centre. You can also leave your car in a parking house.

The parking fee is usually paid by using a ticket machine. The machine issues a ticket indicating the time reserved for parking, and you must place the ticket under the windshield so that it is clearly visible. If you do not pay the parking fee, you may be fined. A parking fine may also be imposed if a car is parked contrary to other traffic regulations. The driver of a vehicle has the obligation to find out about traffic signs and parking fees, and he or she must also adhere to Finnish traffic regulations.

Parking fine

If a car is parked contrary to regulations, a parking fine is either given to the driver of the vehicle or attached to the vehicle in a visible place. Payment must be made within 30 days of the date the penalty charge notice is issued. The penalty fee can be paid directly to a cash desk of the city or to a bank using the enclosed deposit form. If payment is not made within the designated period, the amount due will increase by 14 euros. In this case, the traffic warden must submit a written order (payment order) to the owner or holder of the vehicle to pay the adjusted fee within 30 days of receipt of the order. Failure to pay shall result in the fee being charged through debt recovery procedure.

Appeal a parking fine

If you feel you have been wrongly treated, you can submit a written appeal to the traffic warden. The appeal must be made to the Parking Control Office. An appeal may be submitted by the driver, owner or holder of the vehicle if they feel that a penalty charge notice or payment order relating to a parking fine or an increased fine is unjustified. The appeal must be filed within the payment period. If an appeal is made after this period, it may not be investigated. Making an appeal does not extend the payment time, which means that the parking fine must nevertheless be paid within 30 days of the date the penalty charge notice is given.

The appeal must contain the name and address of the person making the appeal and the case number of the parking fine. The case number can be found in the middle of the penalty charge notice. An explanation of the reasons behind the appeal must also be included.

Forms for making an appeal can be obtained at the Parking Control Office, Frenckellinaukio 2 A.

The City Parking Control
opening hours Mon - Fri 9 - 16