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Social work for adults

Adult Social Work Services help when you need support, guidance and advice in various complicated situations of life. Don’t hesitate to take contact if you have become unemployed, if you need help in the management of your life or if you want to get help for instance in issues relating to intoxicants. We can evaluate together your situation and look for means to solve your problems.

Valokuva: Pelastusrengas Pyhäjärven rannassa.

You can address the Adult Social Work Services in the following situations of life:

  • You need support for the management and planning of your daily life
  • You are unemployed and you need social rehabilitation or guiding to labour market services
  • You have no accommodation or you have problems in matter of housing
  • You have a problem of alcohol abuse or other addiction with intoxicants
  • Mental health problems hamper your daily life
  • You had a sudden crises such as divorce, eviction or debt
  • You need advice on social security and services

Adult Social Work Services include the Services of the Beginning Stage and Light Support as well as Personal Worker's Services. You get guidance and advice in the Services of the Beginning Stage and Slight Support Services. An assessment of the need for services is made if you are a new client who needs social services. The clients who have an appointed personal worker use Personal Worker Services.

New clients

If you are a new client, ask for help by phone or come personally to the service point at Sarvis. There you will be guided to the actual social services if necessary.

New clients’ advice service: telephone 03 5657 0200, Mon - Fri at 9 - 14

Counselling Point of social services
Tel. 03 5657 0200 Mon - Fri 9 - 14
opening hours Mon - Fri 9 - 14

  • Assessments of the need for services: If necessary, an appointment is booked for you to assess the need for services and to evaluate your global situation; together with the social worker you can think over the means of solution and the services appropriate to your situation.
  • Financial support: Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) grants the basic social assistance. The City of Tampere assumes the responsibility on the supplementary and preventive social assistances. These discretionary allowances cannot be applied for as long as you have not clarified your possibility to get basic social assistance from Kela. Supplementary and preventive social assistance
  • The Services of Immigrants in the Beginning Stage: The Social Services of Immigrants are primarily intended for the refugees moved to Tampere or for other immigrants requiring specific support. Immigrants’ first-phase services

Current clients

If you have an appointed own worker, you handle your issues with the worker by appointment: you call your personal worker’s phone number at the calling time or you call the phone number of the advice service. The personal workers serve as follows :

Childless under 30-year-olds can call their personal social worker from Monday to Friday 8 - 16, or send them a text or WhatsApp message. Sensitive information should not be shared via text message. Messages will be answered within three working days. You can also use the helpline at 040 564 9034, Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 9 - 11.

Childless over 30-year-olds: telephone 040 564 9043, Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 9 - 11

Adults over 18-year-old with a family: telephone 040 564 9151, Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri 9 - 11

Personal worker’s services
Postal address Hatanpäänkatu 3 F
33900 Tampere

When you have an appointed personal worker, the worker is responsible for the total service entity during the whole period of your clienthood. The personal worker gives you his/her contact references so that you can be directly in contact with him/her concerning various issues relating to your life situation.

The provided service is based on your personal client plan and multi-professional cooperation with service planners and networks. The Tampere network of services is largely utilized to provide help.