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Mediation and conciliation services

Mediation in civil and criminal cases

The entrance of Tietotalo.
Pirkanmaa mediation office
Tel. 0400 397 860
Fax 03 5653 4960
33100 Tampere
opening hours Monday to Friday 9 - 15.30. Mediation meetings are also arranged in evenings and on weekends.

Mediation is a statutory possibility to solve crimes and disputes. Mediation is aimed at settling offences and disputes between the parties involved by means of constructive discussion. The parties concerned and two voluntary, neutral and trained mediators take part in the mediation process. Mediation is always optional to all parties involved.

The mediation process also includes a written agreement on damages and compensation. Mediation service is free and confidential. A proposal for mediation can be made either by the offender, the offended, by the parents of an involved child or adolescent, the police, a prosecutor, or a social worker. Only the police and prosecutor can take initiative in domestic violence cases. Mediation can be taken into account at the moment of when charges are being considered or when the court is making its decision.

The area of mediation covers

  • civil cases
  • malicious damage
  • common nuisance
  • assault and battery
  • crimes against property/vandalism
  • unauthorized usedisturbance of domestic peace
  • slander
  • other damage.

Mediation is a way to strengthen the position of the victim and increase the responsibility of the suspect.

Pirkanmaa mediation office in Tampere serves all 24 municipalities in Pirkanmaa. Negotiations can take place in all those municipalities.

Concilitation in family issues