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City of Tampere -

Family group home for the underage

Valokuva: Alaikäisten perheryhmäkoti Satakielen rakennus.
Satakieli Family Group Home
Tel. 040 800 4148, counselors
33900 Tampere

The Family Group Home for the underage immigrants houses children and underage asylum seekers with a residence permit, who have come to Finland without a guardian. The home has 14 places.

The Family Group Home is intended for the children and young having obtained a residence permit. The children living in the Family Group Home are assisted in their integration in Finland.

Each child arriving gets a personal counselor who helps and supports the child in everyday life. Moreover, a representative is ordered for the child to supervise his/her interests, for example, during the asylum seekers interview or interviews carried out by the Immigration Service. Pakolaisneuvonta ry (Refugees Counseling) takes in charge legal issues relating to the process of application for asylum.

The young of the Family Group Home attend Finnish language courses. Later their further studies are planned on an individual basis. Their free time activities are organized by the counselors of the Family Group Home. Support services are provided by the Pirkanmaa Interpreters Centre.

The Family Group Home has a nurse who is in charge of the health services of the children and young. She directs them, if necessary, to a doctor’s consultation, to the Mental Health Service or to special health care.

The Family Group Home cooperates with others specialists when necessary.

Director of the Family Group Home Mikko Sivonen Tel. 050 063 5755