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Home service and family work

The workers of the Home service and Family work units provide help for the families, which are in a challenging life situation. They help families to cope with daily life. Service is meant to be short-time assistance aiming at preventing the complication of the family situation. Work is mainly carried out at the home of the family.

Home service

Home service can be provided when a family needs support for its parenthood and for coping with daily life. You can take contact when

  • you need help in difficulties related to pregnancy or a baby’s care
  • your family is a multifamily
  • you need support for the management of daily routines and housekeeping
  • you need baby-sitting during your medical visit, for instance.


Booking time: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 - 11 and Tuesday at 12 - 15. Take contact by phone or email with the home service of your own residence district:

Client fees

Home service is not free of charge to the client. A visit fee or a monthly payment is charged for the service. A visit fee is six euros per hour. The maximum charge is 31 euros per visit. A monthly payment is based on the client’s income, family size and number of visits.

Family work

The Family work unit can be contacted either by the client himself/herself or the person working with the child, adolescent or family when for instance

  • Help is needed to improve the mutual interaction of the family members.
  • Specific support is needed to secure the health or the development of a child or an adolescent.
  • Help is needed to agree on the home-coming hours and the ways to organize free time activities of the child or the adolescent.
  • Help is needed to facilitate school.

Services provided by the Family work unit are free of charge for the client.