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Family support centres

There are four family support centres in Tampere: Päiväperho and the family support centres of Kissanmaa, Kuusikko and Leinola.

Päiväperho serves pregnant women suffering from alcohol or drug problems and families with small children.

Kissanmaa Family Support Centre has a crisis ward for the children under 12 and a children’s rehabilitation ward. Furthermore, the service counselling of urgent placement and the support services of stand-by families are functioning in the premises of Kissanmaa.

The family support centres of Kuusikko and Leinola form together the Unit of teenagers’ crisis and open care services, which offers the treatment of 12-17-year-old teenagers in a ward as well as open care services provided at home.

Family therapy
In family therapy, a family learns to find resources to cope with daily life. Therapy is proposed when the parents or a pregnant mother has drug or mental health problems or when they are exhausted, depressed, or they have need for particular guidance or when a child or a teenager of the family uses drugs. Therapy has for goal to help the family to get along independently after the period of therapy or with the help of open care services.

Care in a ward
A child or a teenager can be taken for treatment in a ward when his/her growth and development are in danger because of the living circumstances at home or because of his/her own behaviour and when assisted living at home is not possible either. The stay in a ward can be carried out as an open care support measure or as an urgent placement, or as taking the child into custody. During the stay in the ward the child or the teenager’s relation with his/her home is supported, as the goal is to make it possible for them to return home.

The decision on ward care is made by the family’s social welfare worker:

Contact information


Family Support Centre Päiväperho
Tel. 040 801 6632 (Crisis unit, 24h)
33180 Tampere
opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10 - 14, Thursday closed


Kissanmaan Family Support Centre
Tel. 050 524 2613
Tel. 050 345 1597
33520 Tampere


Kuusikko Family Support Centre
Tel. 040 590 1783
33520 Tampere


Leinola Family Support Centre
33580 Tampere

E-mail addresses are of the format [email protected]