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Urgent mental health care

In issues relating to mental health, please contact, in the first instance, the doctor located at the health centre of your own housing district. The doctor then refers you, if necessary, for further care.

In order to obtain an appointment to the psychiatric clinic, you need to have a doctor’s referral from a health centre, occupational health care or a private practitioner.

In acute mental distress

In acute mental distress, please contact the Acute psychiatric clinic.
Acute psychiatric clinic
Tel. 040 806 3922, office
Tel. 040 806 2606, nurse on duty on weekdays 8 - 15
Fax 03 5653 4949
Finn-Medi 3 (2nd floor)
33520 Tampere
opening hours On weekdays 8 - 15

The Acute psychiatric clinic assesses and treats those patients who are facing a psychosis-level crisis, who are at serious risk of committing suicide or in some other particularly difficult mental crisis requiring urgent assessment.

You do not need a doctor’s referral for receiving help from the Acute psychiatric clinic, but it would be useful if a professional contacted the clinic by telephone.