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Health care services for exchange students

The City of Tampere provides health care services for higher education exchange students coming from the following countries:

  • exchange students from EU or EEA countries and Switzerland
  • exchange students who live in Australia and have a health insurance there
  • exchange students from Quebec province in Canada

The above-mentioned exchange students are entitled to health care services through public health care. They have to prove their entitlement to public health care services.

Students from the Nordic countries receive health care by presenting their official ID card or passport.

Students coming from EU or EEA countries or Switzerland and temporarily in Finland are entitled to necessary medical treatment through public health care if they have a External linkEuropean Health Insurance Card . The card has to be ordered before coming to Finland.

Students coming from Australia and staying temporarily in Finland are entitled to necessary medical treatment through public health care. Their right to public health care is proven with the Australian or another country’s passport which demonstrates their unrestricted right to live in Australia.

Students coming from Quebec in Canada have to apply for Kela’s Certificate of Entitlement to Medical Care in Finland in order to demonstrate their entitlement to public health care in Finland and receive it at the same fee as Finnish residents.

Please remember to bring the required document (eg passport) for each reception visit.

What services can exchange students use?

The City of Tampere produces health care services for exchange students at Student Health Care Centre Tullinkulma.

Advice and arranging an appointment: tel. 040 806 2454, Mon - Fri 8.15 - 12

A health care professional assesses the service need when the student contacts the service. In addition to necessary medical treatment, exchange students also receive necessary preventive health care services, such as advice on contraception.

Student Health Care Centre Tullinkulma is closed in the evenings and on weekends, so if you need non-urgent health advice during such times, contact municipal Health care counselling (tel. 03 5657 0023, daily 7 - 22) by phone.

Medical Helpline 116 117 serves 24/7 outside the opening hours of local health centres. Call helpline whenever you believe you might need urgent care or a visit to an emergency clinic.

External linkAccident and Emergency Department Acuta treats Tampere residents in case of a sudden illness or injury. In case of acute illness you may come directly, without appointment, to the First Aid Unit. The unit is open round the clock.

Always call 112 in urgent emergency situations, such as in case of a sudden attack of illness, or if someone’s life is in danger.

The City of Tampere also organises necessary dental treatment.


Exchange students pay the same fees for the services as Finnish residents in accordance with the Act on Client Charges in Social and Health Care Services.

From 3.1.2022 patients 18 years of age or older are charged 51,50 euros for a missed appointment that has not been cancelled. The fee can be charged for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. Cancel the reception by sending a text message to number 0400 267 715. Remember to write your name, appointment time and your birthday. This number does not take any phonecalls, it takes only messages considering cancelling.

It is recommended to take a medical expenses insurance as it covers more extensive medical treatment than public health care (eg longer treatmentperiods and repatriation).

Further information can also be found on Kela’s website:

What about other exchange students?

Exchange students who are not from the countries and regions mentioned above are not covered by public health care. Institutions will inform these exchange students separately about matters regarding health care.

The Finnish Student Health Service (External linkFSHS ) provides health care for international degree students of Tampere Universities.

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