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City of Tampere -

Health services

Information on coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccinations:

Health care counselling

Information and advice every day 7 - 22:
tel. 03 5657 0023

Logo of health care counselling.

From this phone number you can receive guidance and instructions in case of acute illnesses. The nurse will also make an appointment with your doctor or nurse when needed.

When necessary, the nurse gives you advice on seeking treatment and tells you where to go.

Please note that we record telephone calls in order to document the transaction and to improve the quality of our service.

Except for emergency medical care, the health services organised by the City of Tampere are only provided for Tampere residents. You are entitled to these services if you are registered in Tampere.

Those studying at colleges and institutes located in Tampere belong to the system of student health care. In addition, university students, for example, have a health care system of their own.

Health care services for immigrants

Those moving independently (those having a residence permit) to Tampere may use the municipal or private health services.

The first-phase medical consultation of the nurse for the immigrants and returnees is located in Hervanta. The newcomers undergo a medical examination, and in urgent cases treatment is provided.