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Freedom of choice pilot in social and health services

The freedom of choice pilot ends on 30 September

The freedom of choice pilot in health centre services in Tampere ends in September. Customers participating in the pilot can continue using the health centre services of their chosen private service provider until 30 September 2019. When the pilot ends, the customers will be transferred back to a city health centre or an outsourced health centre starting from 1 October 2019. Read more (current issue)

The City of Tampere is included in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s key project that aims to create services that are based on customer needs through a pilot project on freedom of choice. In Tampere, the pilot covers health centre services and social guidance. The pilot last until the end of September 2019.

The residents in the pilot area had the chance to choose if they want to become customers of the private service provider registered for the pilot or continue using the services of their current health centre. The resident could also change to another city health centre.

Who can participate in the pilot?

The residents of the postal code areas 33530 and 33710 can participate in the pilot. A total of 22,700 Tampere residents live in these areas:

  • Postal code area 33530 includes parts of the Kissanmaa and Hakametsä neighbourhoods. The area has approximately 4,700 residents whose primary health centres are Tammelakeskus or Linnainmaa health centre.
  • Postal code area 33710 includes the neighbourhoods of Annala, Kaukajärvi, Lukonmäki, Turtola and Viiala. The area is served by Kaukajärvi and Hervanta health centres and has a total of 18,000 residents.

Kartta: Valinnanvapauskokeiluun valitut postinumeroalueet 33530 ja 33710
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What services are included in the pilot project?

The freedom of choice pilot applies to the reception activities of primary health care care and social guidance. In the pilot, these are referred to as the ‘Omatiimi’ services that include services of:

  • basic health care doctors
  • nurses or public health nurses
  • physiotherapists
  • mental health and substance abuse work and
  • social guidance.

You can only be a customer of one ‘Omatiimi’ service provider at a time.

The pilot does not include child and maternity health clinics, oral health care and specialised medical care. If you are participating in the pilot, you can still use these services like all Tampere residents.

If you live in the pilot area, you had the possibility to choose if you want to become a customer of the private service provider during the pilot. If you wish, you can also become a customer of another city health centre. You can choose your service provider every three months.

How to choose your service provider?

Customers participating in the pilot can select a new health centre for themselves until 15 September 2019. You will be transferred to the new health centre at the beginning of the following calendar month, which means that if you want to continue using the services of your chosen private health centre until the pilot ends on 30 September, you should wait until September 1–15th to select a new health centre.

You can select a health centre electronically (see the link below), by calling the health care counselling service (03 10023) or by visiting Kaukajärvi, Linnainmaa or Tammelakeskus health centre. Parents can change health centres on behalf of their children under 16.

You do not have to choose your new health centre yourself. If you do not make a choice by 15 September 2019, you will automatically be transferred to the health centre determined by your home address starting from 1 October 2019. You can check your health centre from the health centre search (Page only in Finnish) at or by calling the health care counselling service at 03 10023.

You will be transferred to the new service provider at the turn of the calendar month, which means that if you choose a new service provider in July, you can start using their services in August.

Client fees

The residents of the pilot area pay the same fees for the ‘Omatiimi’ services as they would for regular city services. Client fees are paid to the City of Tampere, and they also accumulate the annual maximum amount of client fees as with other residents of the municipality.