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City of Tampere -

Social stand-by service

You can take contact with the Social stand-by service when you need urgent help or counselling concerning

  • child protection
  • family crisis
  • domestic violence
  • life control or accommodation
  • mental health or intoxicant abuse issues.

Social stand-by service functions round the clock (24 h/7 days): telephone 0500 625 990.
You can also take contact by calling emergency number 112.

Child welfare issues

The Social stand-by service receives the child welfare reports on the residents of Tampere or Orivesi and deals with urgent child protection issues:

  • On weekdays 9 - 15: tel 040 568 5520
  • At other times: tel. 0500 625 990

Concerning the issues which are not urgent, the families with children can take contact with the Social welfare office for families with children , and the adults can take contact with the Social welfare office for adults .

Other needs for urgent help

Should you face a sudden traumatic crisis, an accident or any other shocking event you can take contact with the Acute psychiatric clinic in working days at 8 am - 3 pm, telephone 040 806 2606, and at other times you can take contact with the Social stand-by service.

Social and crisis stand-by service
Tel. 0500 625 990
33100 Tampere

Concerning the Social stand-by service, there is also a social worker of early intervention working during the office hours. This social worker intervenes in case of petty thefts committed by underage children, children’s use of intoxicants and small worries coming up in their life. Social worker’s phone number: 050 557 4314.

The representative of the Committee of Child and Youth Services attends the handling process of an offence committed by a young person under 18. In Tampere, the Committee is represented by the social worker of the Social stand-by service, who supports the young during the police interrogation, pre-sentence interview and court handling. In the frame of this work the life situation of the child or the teenager is examined and the child or the teenager is oriented to other services if necessary. The phone number of the representative of the Committee is 0500 621 469.

Sobering up shelter for adolescents

The Sobering up shelter for adolescents functions inside the Social stand-by service at night during the weekends. Its services are intended for drunken teenagers under 18 between Friday and Saturday from 8 pm to 8 am and between Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm to 8 am. You can take contact by calling number 040 806 3515.

Activities carried out by the Social stand-by service are under the responsibility of
Taru Herranen Tel. 0400 380 651