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COVID-19 vaccinations

You can get the COVID-19 vaccination without an appointment. Or you can book an appointment for a vaccination to a vaccination site you prefer.

Who can get the vaccine?

All residents of Tampere over the age of 5 can get the vaccination against coronavirus. Taking the vaccine is free of charge and voluntary.

  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are vaccinated by appointment and without appointment.
  • You can get your second shot 6 weeks after the first one.
  • The third shot of the vaccine is given as follows:
    - Those aged 18 - 59 can get a third dose if at least four months have passed since the second vaccination.
    - People over 60 years of age and people over 18 years of age belonging to medical risk groups 1 or 2 can get a third dose if at least three months have passed since the second vaccination.
  • The fourth dose of the vaccine is recommended
    - for people aged 12 and over with severely impaired immune function. The booster shot may be given 3 to 4 months after the third vaccination.
    - for persons over 80 years of age and for those living in care homes for the elderly when at least three months has passed since the third dose.

Detailed information about the vaccinations

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