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Fees charged from hospital and institutional services

Outpatient department fee

Fee charged by the hospital’s specialist outpatient department: 35,30 euros/visit

The fee is charged for all visits to the outpatient department regardless of whether you go to consult a doctor or whether you receive treatment given by other staff.

Day case surgery

Fee: 116,10 euros

The fee is charged on day case surgeries performed at an operating theatre requiring general anaesthesia, extensive regional anaesthesia or intravenous medication. In addition to the day case surgery fee, a bed-day fee may also be charged when a patient unexpectedly has to stay in care until the following day.

Short-term inpatient care

Short-term inpatient care: 48,90 euros/day
Short-term inpatient care after exceeding the maximum amount payable: 22,50 euros/day

Long-term inpatient care

A patient in long-term inpatient care is charged, according to his or her solvency, a monthly fee.
  • The fee may be, at a maximum, 85 % of the patient’s monthly net income. This concerns cases in which the income of the patient in long-term inpatient care is lower than that of his or her spouse, both spouses are in long-term inpatient care or the patient has no spouse.
  • If the income of the patient in long-term inpatient care is higher than that of his or her spouse, the fee for care is, at the maximum, 42,5 % of the sum of the spouses’ net income.
  • However, a minimum of 108 euros (= cash available when in long-term inpatient care) per month must be left for the patient’s personal use.
  • Those under 18 years of age are charged a maximum of seven bed-days per calendar year.
  • When inpatient care is interrupted for a whole month, the fee is not charged.

Fee for a medical certificate

The fee for a medical certificate depends on the type of the certificate. However, the maximum fee is 61 euros.

Outpatient physiotherapy

Physiotherapy costs 11,40 euros/visit

As regards a series of physiotherapy sessions, those 18 years or older are charged 11,40 euros/session
- the maximum of 45 sessions per year

Information, guidance, groups, technical aid services and occupational therapy are free of charge. The services are also free of charge for those under 18 years of age.