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City of Tampere -

Hiedanranta MaaS


The development of mobility, taking into account the future needs and opportunities, is a key part of the planning of the new kind of a city district.

In 2017‒2020, the City of Tampere will implement the Hiedanranta MaaS project, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and coordinated by the Council of Tampere Region. The project focuses on experimenting with new kinds of mobility services at Hiedanranta and packaging them to users.

The aim of the project is to facilitate mobility at Hiedanranta and to connect the area better to the surrounding services. Practical travel chains will be provided to users in order to make the current functions of Hiedanranta, such as Lielahti Manor and the Kulttuuritila Kuivaamo event venue, better accessible by public transport. At the same time, the businesses in the area will be provided with efficient and sustainable solutions for the daily mobility of people and goods.

The project also aims to implement permanent changes to the travel behaviour of people. By providing the users with an opportunity to experiment with new kinds of mobility services, the aim is to encourage people to choose a sustainable mode of travel, whenever possible, instead of their own car. This way, traffic at Hiedanranta will be sustainable right from the start.

The name of the project, MaaS, means Mobility as a Service. It is commonly referred to using the abbreviation MaaS.


The project’s mobility experiments focus on sustainable modes of travel and the creation of travel chains. The aim is to launch the first experiments in the summer of 2018.

Preliminarily, it has been planned that the following mobility experiments will be implemented in the project:

- Light equipment suitable for the transport of goods
- New and light electric vehicles
- Car sharing
- Robot buses
- Packaging the mobility services (MaaS)


Project Manager
Pekka Stenman Tel. 040 163 7226