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City of Tampere -

City planning

Tampere is a strong growth centre. The population increases by over 3,000 residents annually. The population of Tampere will have increased by an estimated 60,000 residents by 2040. The city aims to respond to this vigorous growth by proactive land use planning.

The 2040 target master plan for the inner city of Tampere comprises the entire city with the exception of the countryside in the north. The inner city master plan covers residential, service and workplace locations, traffic routes and green areas in a way that allows Tampere to respond to population growth without compromising quality. The aim is to ensure that Tampere continues to be a functional and comfortable city to live in.

Public transport is the future form of transport in Tampere. The city’s biggest urban planning project is the tramway. The city is planning apartment, office space and complementary construction along the tramway lines. The plans include apartment blocks for 500 residents in Hallila and a tramway depot in Hervanta.

A brand new Hiedanranta district will rise along the route in Lielahti, where apartments can be built for over 20,000 residents in conjunction with the Niemenranta and Lentävänniemi areas.

If you have any questions regarding city planning, please contact to Frenckell Service Point.

Local master plan

The City Council approved the local master plan for the inner city 2040 unanimously on 15 May 2017.

Five-star City Centre

The Five-star City Centre is one of the development programmes of the City of Tampere. The newest development programme, which sets policies for the City of Tampere’s activities, has been drawn up for 2017‒2030.


By 2030, the Viininkanlahti area will have been redeveloped and incorporated into the Tampere city centre. The area currently houses a wastewater treatment plant, which will be relocated inside a rock in Sulkavuori.

Tampere plans and builds

Tampere plans and builds bulletin provides information on the ways the city will change over the next few years. It concentrates on the projects concerning local detailed planning for the inner city and other projects dealing with the development of the urban environment.

Further information

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