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Finnish as a second language

Instruction in Finnish as a second language (S2) covers the syllabus of the mother tongue and literature for pupils with Finnish as a second language. In Tampere, instruction in Finnish as a second language is given to all pupils of immigrant origin and to all returnee pupils who need it.

A child learns to speak Finnish rather quickly but a deeper knowledge of Finnish that sufficient for academic and studying purposes usually takes 5-7 years. Therefore, pupils with Finnish as a second language need S2 instruction during all basic instruction.

If necessary, an individual educational plan is made for the pupil at the beginning of the course of study. Instruction in S2 is given either as differentiated in-class education or separately in a small group of pupils. Instruction in S2 concentrates on the pupil’s personal development of the central areas of language and vocabulary acquisition. In addition to instruction in S2, the pupil is entitled to have remedial teaching in other subjects, such as mathematics.