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Cooperation between home and school

Cooperation between home and school is important right from the beginning and it can also help the pupils feel safe. Good cooperation can have a positive influence on the atmopshere in both the class and the whole school. It can also affect the results of the work done.

The most important forms of cooperation are parent-teacher meetings and private consultations with the teachers. Parent-teacher meetings take place in the evenings and they are convened by the teacher who informs the parents and guardians about current issues in the school. Private consultations between the parents or guardians and the teacher can be initiated by either party.

The parents can also form a class committee. The class committee is formed of active parents in a class in order to plan joint activities for the class. There is also a parents’ association in the school with both parents or guardians and teachers as its members. The parents’ association organises activities for the pupils and their parents: these activities include happenings and fundraising activities. The activities of the association are carried out for the benefit of the pupils. The class teacher and the head teacher are available for all questions concerning the work in the school.