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City of Tampere -

General upper secondary education

The City of Tampere offers general upper secondary education for approximately 3,200 students in upper secondary day schools and for 800 students in an upper secondary school for adults.

There are six city-maintained general upper secondary schools and a general upper secondary school for adults in Tampere. Additionally, there is Normaalikoulun lukio (Teacher Training School of the University of Tampere), which is a state-maintained general upper secondary school. There are also four privately-run general upper secondary schools. In the general upper secondary school of Tampereen lyseon lukio, it is possible to choose the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

An innovative type of studying with virtual learning environments is offered in the general upper secondary school distance learning programme maintained by Tampere general upper secondary shcool for adults.


General upper secondary education provides extensive all-round education and language skills. Additionally, it develops skills for self-development and further study. After taking the national matriculation examination, one can apply to study in different educational institutions of further study.

Studying in an upper secondary school is more theoretical than in comprehensive school and the methods used are different from basic education. In upper secondary school independent work is emphasised. The upper secondary schools collaborate with other educational institutions, organisations and business life.

School year and holidays

Upper secondary day schools

Many of the upper secondary schools focus on particular subjects, like visual arts, music, natural sciences, physical education, communication, expressive arts, mathematics and ICT, internationality, languages, environmental studies and creative expression. Some of the upper secondary schools in Tampere have been authorised to carry out special assignments on a national level in addition to working as institutions of general upper secondary education. These schools are thus allowed to allocate the class hours differently.

Tammerkosken lukio focuses on the visual arts and Sammon keskuslukio on physical education and communication. Tampereen lyseon lukio offers instruction in English leading to an IB diploma (International Baccalaureate). The following upper secondary schools have their own curricula with a specific focus area: Hatanpää upper secondary school focuses on music, Tampere High School of Technology on mathematics and ICT, Tampere classical upper secondary school on natural sciences, and Tampereen lyseo upper secondary school on European studies.

Vocational upper secondary education and training combined with general upper secondary education

Combining general upper secondary education with vocational education and training has become more popular in recent years.

Students have the opportunity to complete upper secondary school, the national matriculation examination and a vocational qualification within four years. Simultaneous education is possible in, among others, study sectors like metalwork and machinery, dressmaking and clothing, textiles, automation technology, ICT technology, forestry, nursing and care, and catering services.

General upper secondary education is provided by the Tampere upper secondary school for adults.

Upper secondary school for adults (evening classes)

In the upper secondary school for adults, students can complete general upper secondary education by studying in the evenings. The classes take place in Sampo Central Upper Secondary School (Sammon keskuslukio).

Instruction in the upper secondary school for adults is given between 16.00 and 20.40 hours. Classes usually take place on four evenings of the week from Monday to Thursday.

The curriculum and timetable allow the student to plan studies independently. The students choose a suitable number of the five lessons taught daily. For instance, an individual plan containing three daily lessons makes it possible to complete upper secondary school within three years.

An upper secondary school programme for adults comprises 44-48 compulsory courses. In addition to completing upper secondary school, one can also take the national matriculation examination. This is possible also on the basis of a vocational qualification that is combined with courses and syllabuses of certain subjects only.

A wide choice of courses is available for students: these include languages, mathematics, chemistry and physics. It is possible to improve one’s previous grades in theory-based subjects completed in comprehensive school. There is also a unit for distance studies where virtual learning environments are used.