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Instructed exercise

The Department of Exercise organises various forms of instructed exercise. There is groups for water excercise, nordic walking, stretching and many other choices.

There is a specific application time for most of the groups of instructed exercises and they are quite popular, and usually fully booked right after the application time is finished. But you can always ask, if there is any vacancy right from the physical education instructor.

You can find information about all activities on Finnish site:

Instructed excercise (Finnish site)

Exercise for the working age population

The Department of Exercise and sports clubs in Tampere arranges health improving exercises for people of working age.

Senior groups

There are various sports and exercise services for seniors. The aim of the exercise for seniors is to maintain and improve the physical ability and fitness, help make new friends and find recreation. Exercise is offered in the following sports: fitness, chair and hydro gymnastics, fitness training in a gym, dancing and ball games.

Special groups for children

Instruction is given for special groups, such as the disabled and long-term patients. The aim of the exercise is to develop the physical activity and social skills of the children.

Instructed exercise is offered, among others, in sports like judo, downhill skiing, exercise clubs (where games and playing together with other children support the development of social skills and physical activity), activating gymnastics for children with motor and learning difficulties, horse riding and swimming.

Special groups for adults

Instructed exercise is organised for special groups like long-term patients and the disabled. The exercise aims to maintain the functions of the locomotor and supportive organs as well as that of the cardiovascular organs. Recreation and a happy feeling are also important goals.

Instructed special exercise is provided, among other things, for groups with sensory disabilities, epileptics, the mentally retarded and groups with respiratory and pulmonary diseases, physical handicaps, mental health groups, neurology groups, afasia and apoplexy, Parkinson disease patients, weight control groups, rheumatic patients, patients with diseases of the locomotor and supportive organs, pensioners with disabilities. Stretching exercise is also offered.

Sports information and counselling

I would like to exercise more, what should I do?

Those who get little to no exercise often suffer from various health problems that might affect not only your ability to work, but also your quality of life in general. The goal of these counselling services providing information and tips on exercise and sports is to find ways to improve the well-being of citizens while also taking into account their personal needs and motivations. An instructor will guide you and give you advice so that you can get started with some form of physical activity that’s suited to your personal needs and also provide you with some examples of the different sports-related services that the city provides and which might suit your needs. An instructor can provide you with this sort of information free of charge.

The path of receiving sports counselling in Tampere

1. healthcare professional, usually a doctor or a nurse, will meet the patient in a hospital, a health care centre or another similar establishment and assess the patient’s needs regarding exercise or lack thereof.

2. The counselling is aimed at people who:
- have a health problem that can be alleviated by increasing physical activity (i.e. type 2 diabetes, respiratory diseases, high blood pressure, depression)
- are not physically fit (muscle strength, oxygen uptake, flexibility)
- have a desire to increase the amount of exercise they get
- are not in need of acute care or long-time rehabilitation at the moment

3. A citizen can also make an appointment themselves with a doctor or a nurse

4. The appointment can be made in a health centre through a system called Pegasos. This same system will keep a record of one’s visits to this counselling.

5. The counselling is provided free of charge and consists of sessions lasting 45 minutes. You are allowed to take your significant other or a friend of yours with you to the counselling, if you so choose.

6. The aim of this counselling is to:
- encourage people to get involved with the instructed groups the city provides that have a low level of entry
- provide citizens with information about the various sports teams, clubs and other groups that offer many different kinds of opportunities related to sports and exercise in Tampere
- help citizens to become active and independent in taking care of their health through physical activity

More information on Finnish site Liikuntaneuvonta.

Getting started in exercising

There are many sports associations and clubs working in Tampere that offer a multitude of opportunities for sports and exercise. To get their contact information, refer to the page labeled as “Sports clubs and associations" Liikuntaseurojen yhteystiedot -page (only Finnish) and find yourself a new hobby!

If getting started in regards to sports and exercise feels challenging for one reason or another, sport counselling might be helpful to you. There are also volunteers educated by the city of Tampere and they’ll accompany you to a variety of leisure activities, be it a jog or a trip to the city’s museums.

Do you need some extra support or advice related to starting to exercise? Do you perhaps have difficulties in exercising after a medical problem you’ve encountered? A sports instructor will give you advice that’s tailored to your personal needs in finding motivation and achieving physical well-being. Feel free to contact us, additional details can be found on the page Sports information and counselling.