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City of Tampere -

Camping and lodges

The City of Tampere owns several sites and lodges which can be used vacation and recreational purposes.

These sites and lodges can be hired by Tampere residents for different lengths of time. Most of the sites and lodges are located within a driving distance of 30-40 minutes from the centre of Tampere. The lodges provide an excellent venue for different kinds of meetings and festive occasions.

Ala-Pirttijärvi is a recreation and rambling area in Terälahti, Teisko. Kintulampi Lodge is also located in Teisko.

Reservations and fees

Reservations for accommodation are made at the customer service office of the Sports Office. The reservations can be made 6 months before the proposed date at the earliest. There are different fees for the different sites and lodges. Information about the fees can be acquired at the customer service office of the Sports Office.

The payment needs to be made seven days before the beginning of the reserved period at the latest. Reservations that have not been cancelled will be invoiced. The fee for the reservation will not be reimbursed.
Sports Services, customer service
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