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City of Tampere -

Tampere Junior -development program

Tampere – the best city to grow up in

Tampere Junior is a four-year development programme for the years 2020–2023. The aim of the programme is to narrow differences in well-being among children, young people and families with children in the various residential areas of Tampere.

Targets related to narrowing differences in as well as promoting well-being have been set within various city programmes and plans. To achieve the shared goal of narrowing differences in well-being among children and young people, we need to bring together scattered information, deepen our understanding of phenomena and needs for change, and build positive co-management.

Our vision for Tampere in ten years’ time:

  • In social networks, young people’s resources will enable them to feel well, study and work.
  • The leisure activities and hobbies available will meet children’s and young people’s expectations.
  • We will have a genuine partnership with families with children and parents whose everyday life is constantly changing.
  • Children and young people will be active contributors to developing a versatile environment for growing up.

Let’s make Tampere the best city to grow up in!

Contact information

Planning director Leena Viitasaari Tel. +358505538672

Project manager Outi Valkama Tel. +358408016423

Welfare co-ordinator Johanna Riippi Tel. +358408062736

Project worker Ella Sulin Tel. +358444309826

Trainee Hanna Juntunen Tel. 041 730 2215

All email addresses are in the following format: [email protected]