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The ageing society as an opportunity

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"TampereSenior – The ageing society as an opportunity" programme seeks an operational model for an active life and healthy ageing in the City of Tampere and the Tampere Region working together with senior citizens and partners. TampereSenior is a strategic project in the City of Tampere for years 2012 - 2020.

One of the main objectives of the TampereSenior programme is to change the way of thinking about old people to positive, encouraging, involving and appreciating.

TampereSenior programme seeks new approaches which help old people to be active members of the society and policy-making. Involvement of senior citizens along with other age groups in the city is the key to success.

TampereSenior programme coordinates the structural change to renew the senior citizens' services to be more customer-orientated and to better meet the needs of the elderly. TampereSenior aims to enable elderly people to feel safe and have the opportunity to live in their own home all through life.

The strategic goal of TampereSenior is that by reconstructing the service and care system an increasing number of residents can live at home or in a homely environment. TampereSenior programme is involved in developing new kinds of environments and models of housing for senior citzens.

TampereSenior serves as a coordinator for all actions and actors that involve the wellbeing of the elderly and accumulates information on the possibilities and challenges of the ageing society. The programme brings together the different development and research schemes and projects in the City of Tampere and spreads the best practices.

TampereSenior facilitates research and educational institutions together with companies and third sector to start collaboration together with the city in order to keep the city a good place to live. The TampereSenior programme helps its partners to innovate new solutions and services to better match the needs of senior citizens.

Further information:
Service director Anniina Tirronen Tel. 040 801 6378