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New nonrecurring grant seeking solutions to help ward off loneliness

Published 15.4.2020 15.11

The City of Tampere is currently challenging everyone to think about ways to ease the loneliness of Tampere citizens and promote a sense of community in these difficult times. The search is on for new, creative means to ward off loneliness now that ongoing coronavirus measures have limited social contact to a minimum. How best can we overcome this situation and build a sense of community and trust together?

Punainen penkki Pyynikinharjulla.

In order to find new solutions and to implement them in these exceptional circumstances, the City of Tampere is calling for grant applications. 100,000 euros will be divided between the best ideas and their implementations.

What kind of activities?

The nonrecurring grant is for funding new creative ways of promoting the wellbeing and sense of community of Tampere citizens and of reducing loneliness.

Loneliness, for instance, could be tackled by bringing culture closer to the people, by encouraging people to take up low-threshold exercise or by offering peer support. It could also be achieved through supporting people with their everyday tasks or increasing interactions between people. The activities must not create close physical contact. Digital platforms, for example, can be utilised in many ways.

In order to fulfil the grant application criteria, the activity must adhere to the official guidelines regarding the coronavirus situation and be suitable and safe in these exceptional circumstances.

Who can apply?

All private persons, organisations, companies, associations, clubs and teams can apply for the grant. The activity must be new, developed specifically for these exceptional circumstances and focused on Tampere or its citizens. It can be a one-time activity or of indefinite duration. The grant will primarily be awarded in amounts of 1,000–5,000 euros.

When and how can I apply?

The call for applications opened on 27th March 2020 and will continue until further notice. Applications for the grant can be submitted through an electronic application form (in Finnish). The applications will be reviewed every two weeks and processed on an accelerated schedule.

Decisions about the grants will take into consideration the effectiveness of the activity especially in terms of promoting equality as well as its scope and innovativeness. The grant can be used for material and marketing expenses and remuneration, among other things. The grant will not be issued for profit-making projects nor for the basic operations of associations that already receive operating grants. Decisions on awards of grants will follow the City of Tampere’s general principles of grants administration.

The grant will be paid immediately after the decision has been made. The recipient must submit a report on use of the grant by the end of the month after the project has ended using the electronic form designed for that purpose.

The call for grant applications is part of the Equally yours actions which promote equality and improve the everyday life of our citizens.

Further information

Susanna Lundström Tel. +358403558745