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Coronavirus significantly impacting event activities in the Tampere region

Published 26.3.2020 13.33

The City of Tampere used a survey to map out the impacts of the coronavirus on event activities in the region. The survey was sent to almost 400 culture and sports organisations in the Tampere region. 129 responses were received by 20 March. The aim of circulating the survey was to investigate the impacts of the precautionary measures taken due to the coronavirus on event organisers and the event production sector in the Tampere region. In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, public events of more than 10 persons have been forbidden in the entire country until 13 April 2020.


According to the survey, the coronavirus has impacted the organisation of over 2,000 events. A total of 73 per cent of the events were cancelled, 23 per cent were postponed or will be postponed to a later date and 4 per cent will be organised in an alternative manner. The estimated number of spectators for the cancelled events is almost 900,000 people, and the number of event participants is 100,000. Event participants include, for example, athletes and exhibitors.

According to the City of Tampere’s Director of Major Events Perttu Pesä, Tampere has a strong event economy based on an extremely active organisation field with various culture and sports organisations.

“The events organised in Tampere have benefitted hundreds of companies, especially those in the food and accommodation sector. The measures adopted due to the coronavirus are now paralysing this chain of operators," Pesä says.

Respondents to the survey estimated that the loss of earnings caused by cancellations or postponements in the Tampere region could amount to a total of as much as EUR 17.7 million. The amount of losses related to turnover was estimated at EUR 10.5 million.

“The impacts of the coronavirus are massive for the cultural operators whose economy depends on various smaller earnings and who operate outside of the sphere of sports organisations and large businesses. The situation is more than challenging for a large number of operators," Pesä says.

The event industry, and major events especially, has also been a significant crowd-puller from the point of view of national and international tourism. Competitiveness Director Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki is worried if the exceptional circumstances caused by the coronavirus continue.

“If this situation is prolonged so that there is no movement between different countries, or even between different cities in Finland, the city’s major events will suffer and it will be difficult to attract event audience visitors to the region. In such a case, the economic losses would be significant," Heinämäki says.

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