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Free contraception for young people extended in Tampere and Orivesi at the beginning of 2020

Published 9.1.2020 15.12

The City of Tampere will extend the provision of free contraception to a new age group in Tampere and Orivesi at the beginning of 2020.

Ehkäisypillereitä ja kondomi.

Starting from 1 January 2020, all young people in Tampere and Orivesi who are under 22 years of age as well as all young people under 22 from other municipalities who are pursuing their upper secondary education in Tampere or Orivesi will be entitled to the extended free contraception.

Young people under 22 who are in need of contraception will receive contraceptive counselling and contraceptives free of charge from municipal health care. To access these services, young people can book an appointment with their school or student health services nurse or at the youth clinic of the City of Tampere (young people in basic education and who are not in education). Postpartum free contraception is provided by maternity and child health clinic.

Appointments with a nurse or a doctor that are related to contraception are always free in the City’s health services.

This change will supplement the City of Tampere’s practice, launched in 1 February 2019, according which all young people under 20 years of age are entitled to receive free contraception.

Several contraception alternatives

There are many types of contraception available, such as contraceptive pills and other hormonal contraceptives as well as long-acting contraceptives such as contraceptive implants and various kinds of intrauterine devices.

For starting contraception for the first time or starting contraception after delivery or abortion, young people under 22 years of age can receive a hormonal contraceptive (contraceptive pills, patches or rings) for free for a total of 12 months, but only until they turn 22.

Young people under 22 can receive long-acting contraceptives for free regardless of whether they have used contraception before. In long-acting contraception (hormonal or copper IUDs, contraceptive implants) the contraceptive can be used for several years, depending on the kind of contraceptive.

Condoms are also provided free of charge for young people under 22. The free condoms are intended for all young people under 22, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The free condoms are available at student or school health services, the youth clinic and health centres.

The aim is to give young people the best possible access to contraception and to also promote the prevention of STIs.

You can also receive contraceptives for free in other situations regardless of age or home municipality

Residents of Tampere and Orivesi can receive hormonal contraception (contraceptive pills, patches or rings) free of charge for six months when starting contraception for the first time as well as after delivery or abortion.

After abortion, free long-acting contraception (hormonal or copper IUD or contraceptive implant) will also be available.

Condoms are also distributed, for example during health check-ups and as an alternative to other methods when starting contraception.

Further information

Chief Physician Services for children, young people and families
Tuire Sannisto Tel. 050 468 9166

Text Johanna Toivanen