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National Parade on the Finnish Independence Day 6.12. in Tampere

Published 12.11.2019 13.33

This year’s national independence day 6.12. parade will be organised in Tampere. The review of troops will take place at Tampere Stadium in Ratina and the pass-in-review on Tampereen valtatie. The venue will also include familiarisation with a versatile equipment display of the Finnish Defence Forces in Ratinanniemi.

Itsenäisyyspäivän paraati: Suomen lippu ja panssarivaunu

The parade will incorporate troops from the Finnish Army, Navy and Air Force, National Defence University, Finnish Defence Forces’ Logictics Command, Finnish Border Guard and national defence organisations with the total strength of around 1,300 persons.

The review of troops will take place at Tampere Stadium at 12 with the parade troops aligning to position from 11:30 onwards.

The pass-in-review conducted on Tampereen valtatie starting at 13 will involve up to a thousand persons, 56 vehicles, 12 aircraft as well as a 30-equine strong heritage cavalry detachment of the Tampere Region Cavalry Guild Association.

The flypasts of the pass-in-review will feature Finnish Army NH90 transport helicopters and Hughes MD500 light helicopters as well as Air Force F/A-18 Hornet multirole fighters and Hawk jet trainers. The flypasts will cause noise over the area of the Tampere city centre.

The pass-in-review can be observed advancing along Tampereen valtatie. The dismounted detachments marching on foot will deploy at the Ratina bridge starting from the south part of the Hämeenpuisto park with the phase line of the pass-in-review at the east flank of the Ratina bridge. The vehicles get into formation for the pass-in-review in the south part of the Hämeenpuisto park in the area between Hallituskatu and Eteläpuisto.

The review site for the pass-in-review is located at the intersection of Voimakatu. The parade will be reviewed by Deputy Chief of Staff Armaments and Logistics Lieutenant General Timo Rotonen, accompanied in the pass-in-review by Mayor of Tampere Lauri Lyly and War Veteran Timo Salokannel. The field devotional will be delivered in the review of troops by Field Bishop Pekka Särkiö. The parade troops will be commanded by Deputy Chief of Staff Army Operations Brigadier General Rami Saari. The parade arrangements remain the responsibility of the Armoured Brigade.

Programme for the day

At 09:00 Wreath laying ceremony at Kalevankangas Cemetery
At 10:00 Lutheran Service at Tampere Lutheran Diocese Church
From 11:30 onwards, Alignment of troops to position for the review of troops at Tampere Stadium in Ratina
At 12:00 Review of troops at Tampere Stadium
At 13:00 Pass-in-review on Tampereen valtatie
At 09:00 - 15:00 Equipment display in Ratinanniemi

The parade affects overall traffic situation in Tampere

Parade arrangements will result in changes concerning traffic arrangements particularly in the south part of the Hämeenpuisto park and on Tampereen valtatie. Parking restrictions will apply from 5 to 6 December 2019 especially in the areas of Tampere Stadium in Ratina, Laukontori square and Voimakatu.

Preparations for the parade arrangements will begin on 5 December 2019 on parade locations while the main force of the parade troops arrive in the area of Tampere Trade Fairs and Sports Centre.

More specific information on the traffic arrangements:

Traffic arrangement control relating to the National Parade on the Finnish Independence Day in Tampere Press release 27.11.2019
Those looking to attend are reminded that the parade area is a no-flight zone, and drone aviation is strictly forbidden for sustained event safety with the exception of statutory authority functions.

The public is invited to attend all the events and kindly asked to arrive in good time.

You may also attend and observe the parade online on the FDF’s channels:
Twitter @Puolustusvoimat