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PIKI mobile library and the e-book service OverDrive launched

Published 26.9.2019 9.48

On PIKI day, 23 September, libraries in the Pirkanmaa region introduced two new services: the PIKI mobile library application and OverDrive, which includes foreign language e-books and e-audiobooks.


Pirkanmaa region libraries introduce new electronic services. The new PIKI mobile library application was launched on PIKI day, Monday 23 September. The app includes not only basic functions but also an electronic library card and the possibility to make friend loans. The app, available in Android and iOS versions, will complement the PIKI online services of the libraries, where the number of sessions is over 2.5 million per year, and becoming increasingly more popular.

“Mobile use of the online library already covers more than 50 per cent of all use, so the new app will make library use easier. The app is a handy way to renew loans, make reservations and searches. In the PIKI mobile library, your electronic library card is with you at all times and it works just like an ordinary library card for borrowing and as a key to self-service libraries," says coordinator Pirjo Järvinen.

The new function, friend loan, can be used in the app if both the borrower and the friend use the PIKI mobile library app. The friend scans the book’s information in the app and sends a request for a friend loan. If there are no reservations for the material, the original borrower receives in the app a request to transfer the loan to a friend.

PIKI mobile library will not replace the traditional PIKI online services of the libraries because diverse information searches, reservation of magazines, online payments and updates to one’s personal information are still performed in the online service.

English-language e-books for all ages

The other service introduced on PIKI day is the e-book collection OverDrive, which mainly includes fiction and non-fiction literature in English. The service includes e-books and e-audiobooks for borrowers of all ages. OverDrive can be used directly with a browser or via the handy Libby app, available for downloading on mobile devices.

To borrow books in OverDrive, you need your PIKI library card number and PIN code. Customers can choose a 7- or 14-day loan period. The service allows 5 simultaneous loans and 7 reservations for one customer. The loans are returned automatically when the loan period expires.

PIKI mobile library
- An easy-to-use application for quick use of library services
- Renewal of loans, searches and reservations
- Electronic library card
- Friend loan
- Introduction with a PIKI library card number and PIN code
- Available in app stores

The OverDrive service
- Mostly English-language e-books and e-audiobooks for borrowers of all ages
- Book search in the OverDrive service
- Use via browser or Libby app
- Libby app available in app stores, add PIKI libraries with the command PIKI
- To read and listen, you need a PIKI library card and its PIN code
- The loans are visible in the OverDrive service, not in PIKI online services of the libraries in the customer’s profile

Further information

PIKI Libraries Coordinator
Pirjo Järvinen Tel. 040 800 7829

Text Emma Salmi