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Adult social workers for under 30-year-olds can be reached at more flexible times than before

Published 24.4.2019 14.57

The City of Tampere is improving the reachability of adult social workers for under 30-year-olds. From 18 April 2019, clients can call their personal social worker at 8–16 on working days and also send text messages. However, it is not recommended that you share sensitive information via text message. Employees will answer calls and messages within three working days of contact.

If your personal social worker is absent, calls will be directed to our service number or to a bulletin with additional information. However, messages cannot be read while a personal social worker is absent, therefore if your personal social worker has not answered your message within three working days, you should contact the adult social work service number for under 30-year-olds: 040 564 9034 (Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri from 9–11) or the social services counselling number: 03 5657 0200 (9–16 on working days).

The aim of the reform is to make contacting us more flexible and customer-oriented. Before the reform, personal adult social workers for adults under 30-years-old have had an hour of phone time four mornings a week. However, young adults did not feel that the phone times were serving them in the best way possible. For this reason, the service is abandoning morning phone times.

New clients will be served as usual by the social services counselling number at 03 5657 0200 and at the Sarvinen service point (Hatanpäänkatu 3 J, 1st floor) from 9–14 on working days.

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Adult social work for under 30-year-olds
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