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Construction of the tramway in Tuulensuu on Hämeenkatu will start in June, preparations to begin in May

Published 10.5.2017 14.40

Tramway Alliance will build the first section of the tramway on Hämeenkatu and its western end, between Hämeenpuisto and Näsilinnankatu The construction work will begin on 5 June and is estimated to last until the end of the year. Before the construction begins, special traffic arrangements will be made in Tuulensuu. Some trees will also be cut down.

The construction work will take into account public transportation and pedestrians.

The tramway will first be built on the south side of the road in Tuulensuu. During this time, public transportation will be directed to the north side of the road. Once the tramway is completed on the south side, public transportation will be directed to drive on it over the tram line. The tramway will then be built on the north side of the road. The tramway will be built to completion on each construction site.

Bus stops will be out of use at Tuulensuu from 15 May onward. The nearest stops can be found on Keskustori and near Metso.

Preparations for the special traffic arrangements for the construction will start on 22 May. Different possibilities for the traffic arrangements have been thoroughly researched. The objective is to cause as little inconvenience as possible to pedestrians and public transportation. With the selected arrangements, bus traffic can be continued on Hämeenkatu in both directions using two lanes and there is no need to direct public transportation to parallel streets.

“Several options were considered for the special traffic arrangements in the starting block of the construction on Hämeenkatu. We got feedback on these and different parties have been heard on the matter. We believe that this is the best overall solution. Cutting down the trees at Tuleensuu makes it possible for the construction to cause as little inconvenience as possible to people using public transportation, pedestrians and the businesses in the area," says Ville-Mikael Tuominen, Project Director of the City of Tampere’s tramway project.

Special traffic arrangements will start on 5 June when the section between Näsilinnankatu and Hämeenlinnakatu will be closed off from private traffic. The pavement on each side of the street will remain in use, but will be made narrower for the duration of the construction. Business premises will remain accessible as well. Parking facilities in the city centre will be open as usual, so the centre will still be accessible by car.

“The construction of the tramway will move from Näsinlinnankatu towards Hämeensilta in 2018. One of the operating principles of the Tramway Alliance is constant improvement, so all special traffic arrangements in the future will benefit from the experiences gained this year," says Mikko Nyhä, Project Manager at the Tramway Alliance.

Trees will be replaced

Some trees will have to be cut down to make room for the temporary roads, starting on 5 May. Once the construction is completed, new trees will be planted as soon it is technically possible and the weather permits it. The 18 common lime trees to be planted are 4–5 metres tall.

The new Hämeenkatu will also be paved with natural stone. The new pavement will be more even and quieter due to the uniform quality of the stone and the slab tracks used for the Hämeenkatu tramway that are reinforced concrete.

Feedback and inquiries:

Frenckell Service Point

e-mail: [email protected]

telephone: +358 (0)3 5656 4400

visiting address: Frenckellinaukio 2 B

Further information

More information about the construction of the tramway: Block Manager for the city centre construction
Pasi Samppala Tel. 050 543 0499

Project Manager at the Tramway Alliance
Mikko Nyhä Tel. 040 863 0450

More information about the trees on the street: More information about the trees on the street: Environmental Planning Expert
Juha-Pekka Reilin Tel. 040 672 7342

More information on the tramway project: Project Director
Ville-Mikael Tuominen Tel. +358503430700

Text Eija Jokinen, Anna-Leea Hyry