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Guidance for students

Form teacher

- serves as the closest observer of his/her own group

- acts as a primary liaison between the school and guardians

- introduces the school’s practices to students

- helps students to create a group spirit and supports the group’s unity

- interviews the group’s students

- monitors students’ studies, the amount of courses and also absences via Wilma, and advises students when necessary

- cooperates closely with the guidance counsellor and also with the IB coordinator when necessary

- meets with the students in tutor group meetings and passes on necessary information

- takes part in student support groups if needed.

Each student must take part in tutor group meetings regularly, which are part of the upper secondary school curriculum.

Guidance counsellor

- is responsible for planning all guidance procedures at the school

- advises students on matters concerning their study plan in general, as well as helping to put together matriculation exam subjects

- advises and assists students on issues concerning their future studies and career

- helps students to plan their subject choices

- helps students to plan their personal timetable

- organises visits to and from future study places and also to work places

- helps the student if they need to change to another place to study and also when they apply for future studies

- works with many different contacts in order to ensure the well-being of the student

- takes part in student support groups if needed

Guidance counsellors’ groups
Seppo Linnanranta
21D, 21E, 21KA, 20C, 20E, 20KA, 19D, 19E, 19KA
Salla Luukkonen
21A, 21B, 21KB, 20A, 20B, 20KB, 19A, 19B, 19KB
Arja Nikkanen
21C, 20D, 19C

Both guidance counsellors are happy to assist students in any way they can. Students should primarily consult their assigned guidance counsellors in order to maintain a sense continuity and consistency. The offices of the guidance counsellors can be found on the second floor.

Students continuing their studies after their third year will have the same guidance counsellor as before. However, these students will be placed in groups NA and NB as other third-year students complete their studies after the third period, and the guidance counsellors of the students in N groups will also act as their form teachers.

With your guidance counsellor you will design a plan for your high school studies. You can have this study plan checked and also changed at given times. If you wish to change your subjects, you must always negotiate with the guidance counsellor first.

The information channel for guidance counselling is Wilma messages as well as the weekly bulletin. The guidance counsellor is also a contact person for guardians regarding study-related matters.

The guidance counsellor offices are on the 2nd floor. Scheduling times can be booked via the appointment link found in Wilma's press releases.

Subject teacher

- guides and helps the student in the studies of his/her subject and also helps the student to develop their study skills

- monitors students’ absences. All absences must be explained to the teacher of the course from which the student has been absent

- monitors the performance of students in his/her subject

- supports the skills needed in further education and promotes understanding of working life in the area of his/her subject

- guides the student, if needed, to the guidance counsellor or form teacher

- explains subject requirements for the final exams and also any practical issues about these

- takes part in student support groups if necessary

Student tutors

Each new first year group has several older students as their tutors. These student tutors will take part in group meetings and the guidance counsellor’s classes at set times. They try to help the new students feel more comfortable and to foster a positive group spirit. IB students get CAS points for being a tutor.

Tutors for the school year 2021 - 2022
21A Anniina Hänninen, Dilara Günes, Jerika Anttila, Adowaa Adu-Gyimah
21B Emma Koskinen, Marianne Luoma, Viivi Kukkula, Eevi Ketoluoto
21C Miika Toivonen, Ranja Ruotoistenmäki, Silja Rajala, Ella Mänty
21D Mats Uotila, Milja Vertola, Mirja Salopuro, Vilja Lindholm
21E Konsta Lamminen, Ella-Sofia Lindeman, Aino Hyvärinen, Helena Kuronen
21KA Mariam Hamdi, Laura Mantere, Olga Pellini, Aino Haavisto
21KB Jutta Paulamäki, Enni Ylinen, Iiris Parviainen, Kiira Santala
Sport tutors
Aaro Koskinen, Sanni Mäkynen, Anni Kuutti, Helmi Kuorikoski, Joonas Ruoranen, Wille Sistonen, Vilma Suominen, Elsa Tabell, Alina Majaniemi, Helmi Lehtonen, Amanda Pyörälä, Johanna Ulvinen

School managers on the 3rd floor


- leads the school, as well as assumes the ultimate responsibility for it

- approves absences from school for the final week of a period

- approves the administrative decisions and informs issues having to do with school work

- coordinates and supports school work

- passes on regulations regarding school work and matriculation exams (in the IB this matter is delegated to the IB coordinator)

Assistant Principal

- organises the Finnish matriculation exam

- organises rooms, exams and invigilators

- makes arrangements regarding the course selections

- the assistant principal acts as the principal’sreplacement when needed

School secretaries

The school secretaries’ customer service duties are

- maintaining the student register

- distributing user names and passwords

- composing the school certificates

- organizing the final exams

- taking care of the information channels

- handling Kela study benefit