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Information about Coronavirus situation to International Skills Centre (Oske) Customers

Julkaistu 18.3.2020 10.47

International Skills Centre (Oske) is temporarily closed due to coronavirus situation.

If you have a scheduled appointment or need advice or guidance, please contact your professional coach (OMA-valmentaja) or Mainio’s advisor. We are currently serving customers only by phone and email.

You can reach us at: [email protected] and tel. 041 730 1407

Please note that all the group infos and customer events are also cancelled.

Further info will be posted on:

Migration Info Centre Mainio serves Customers in 16 different languages.

Reception hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 - 15:45

Tel. 040 806 4229: English, Nepali, Hindi

Tel. 040 187 8249: Somali

Tel. 040 181 7937: Arabic

Tel. 040 187 7926: Persian, Dari, Kurdish

Tel. 045 6410 044: Portugese

Tel. 040 5873 678: Chinese

Tel. 040 5885 860: Thai, Lao

Tel. 040 8062 527: Spanish, French, Bulgaria

Tel. 040 8062 526: Russia

All our advisors speaks also Finnish.

Email [email protected]

Protect yourself from coronavirus:

• Cough and sneeze correctly. Cover your nose and mouse with tissue. If you do not have tissue, cough into your upper sleeve.

• Wash your hands. Stop infections from spreading and reduce the risk of infections.