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Tuesday for Jobs: Dreamloop Games and Council for Creative Education

Julkaistu 25.11.2021 14.11

Aika: 30.11.2021 13.00 – 13.15
Paikka: Youtube

Tapahtumalaji: Työnhakijat
Järjestäjä: Tampereen kaupungin työllisyys- ja kasvupalvelut

It's Tuesday for Jobs!


Tuesday for Jobs is a Youtube live broadcast, where employers of Tampere area introduce their job opportunities and vacancies. Youtube live gives you a detailed information of the availabe jobs and who to contact, if you are interested to apply. You can also watch the introductions on Youtube afterwards.

Unreal Developers for Dreamloop Games Oy

Dreamloop Games is looking for Game Programmers to join their team in Tampere. Key responsibilities in this role include varied game development tasks. In this job you’ll need verbal and written English skills. You don’t necessarily have to have an educational background in programming. Instead, Dreamloop is looking for someone with a deep understanding and a passion for game development, so personal interest is also noted. This job is also suitable for people just at the beginning of their careers. An option to work remotely.

(Education) Business Development Manager and Teacher Trainer for Council for Creative Education

Council for Creative Education provides insights into the Finnish education system through educational tours and student camps. They provide tailor-made teacher training and school development programs from pre-primary to higher education.

Now CCE is looking for Business Development Manager and Teacher Trainer. Both tasks require understanding of Finnish curriculum and a master’s degree in Education. In addition, Business Development Manager needs to have a prior experience from the education industry as well as a proven track record of executing successful development strategies. For both positions, you can either work in Tampere, Helsinki or remotely.