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Artist-in-residence programme

Contact information:
Elise Pedersen
+358 (0)50 553 8673

Artist-in-residence programme

A new location
The new Cultural Affairs artist residence is located at the Haihara Art Centre. The first artist at the new location was very the wellknown Estonian textile artist Anu Raud. She worked at Haihara from 12 April to 5 May. She also hade an exhibition at the Tampere Talo Winter Garden from 16 April to 4 May. Raud is a multifaceted textile artist, teacher, writer and a spokesperson for Estonian arts and crafts. Her works can be seen all around the world, including the UN headquarters in New York.

Fields of Art
Visual Arts as a whole, including audio-visual and other genres. Other corresponding fields of art through consideration.

The duration of the residence work period is 1-2 months. The chance for a stipend exchange is preferable. The objective is to offer professional artists a chance to concentrate on their creative work and to make interesting and beneficial contacts. Residence artist exchange is designed to work both ways so that the artists from Tampere receive the same kind of possibilities and opportunities. The exchange works as a way of advancing cultural open-mindedness, generating artistic rendezvous and fruitful collaborations.
At the moment, Cultural Affairs has artist exchange with the cities of Düsseldorf (Germany), Chemnitz (Germany) and Tartu (Estonia).
The mutual artist exchange would work for example in the following way: the cities announce that a residence artist stipend for 2 months is open for applications. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 portfolios will be sent to the receiving city where they decide on the artist themselves. The stipend includes: a studio/atelier accommodation, a stipend, and a museum pass, all provided and paid by the receiving city. The turn and return costs are covered by the city that sends the artist. Both cities expect that during their residency the stipend artists create an exhibition for a city owned gallery .

Other types of resident artist exchanges are organised in collaboration with Tampere Artists’ Association and German Cultural Centre of Tampere.

Contact Information
Coordinator Elise Pedersen
P.O.Box 487
Tel. +358 (0)50 553 8673