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The well-being survey of Tampere´s citizens

Well-being of Tampere´s citizens is good
In early February 2021, the City of Tampere used a map-based survey to understand well-being in Tampere as experienced by its citizens. 4 800 citizens responded to the survey. 70% of the respondents were women and 30% men.

According to results, majority stated their quality of life and health as ‘good’ or ‘at least good’. Own residental area is mostly experienced safe and comfortable. However there are variation between neighbourhoods and for example every third respondent felt that they can't affect their own neighbourhoods development.

In addition, citizens marked places that they liked, felt unsafe or disliked on the map. In total, over 21 000 marks were made. Favorite places are, for instance, Pyynikinharju and Hatanpää Arboretum.

A detailed summary of the results can be found in the report (only in Finnish):

Tamperelaisten hyvinvointi -kyselyn tulokset 2021

The purpose of this survey 
The purpose of this survey is to learn more about individual’s experiences, well-being and life in the Tampere’s neighbourhoods. These individual insights will help the City of Tampere to promote citizens’ well-being and to develop neighbourhoods. This is the second edition of this survey (first edition was carried out in November 2019).

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