Social rehabilitation

You can participate in social rehabilitation if you need regular activities to support your rehabilitation. The goal of social rehabilitation is to strengthen your functional capacity, promote inclusion and combat social exclusion. During social rehabilitation, you can receive support with life management issues, everyday skills and social networking, and your need for rehabilitation can be analysed in more detail.

Your income during social rehabilitation will consist of your current benefits. When you take part in social rehabilitation, you will receive a monthly ticket for public transport and free lunch on the rehabilitation days.

Rehabilitative work may include assisting tasks and/or group activities as well as individual guidance. The contents of the service will be established with you. The activities are goal-oriented: You will be supported in accordance with your goals in collaboration with other members of your social network. 

Social rehabilitation is organised by associations and foundations. The adult social work services of the City of Tampere acquire rehabilitation services from various operators. 

Social rehabilitation is based on the Social Welfare Act.

How to get admitted to social rehabilitation?

You can get admitted to social rehabilitation services by discussing the matter with your social worker, care provider or other similar party. The Youth Start activities can be accessed by contacting the instructors.

You can also contact the rehabilitation services personally and express your interest in social rehabilitation or ask for more information by sending e-mail to [email protected].

Updated 26.4.2022