School health care

School health care provides free health care for schoolchildren. Usually you can find school health care services at your own school.

School health care includes annual health check-ups, health counselling and guidance as well as vaccinations in accordance with the vaccination programme.

All pupils get an annual health check-up by a public health nurse. Pupils and guardians are informed through Wilma about the health check-ups starting. The health check-up includes discussing the child’s or young person’s growth and development, health habits and age-related matters, such as relationships with friends, bullying, screen time, puberty, substance abuse, mood and sexuality. A doctor sees all students in grades 1, 5 and 8.

Pupil, you can visit the school nurse without an appointment during open hours to talk about things on your mind. Open hours are school-specific, and the school nurse will communicate them to the pupils and guardians.

Pupils and guardians, you can contact the school nurse by phone. For school-specific phone hours, see your school’s contact information. You can also leave a contact request to the school nurse over the phone or in the Wilma system. You can only book a school doctor’s appointment through the school nurse.

Please note that school health care does not treat sudden illnesses or accidents that happen outside school hours. In these situations, contact your local health centre.

Contact information (Finnish language website)

Contact information for chief physician and head nurses

Email addresses are in the format first name.last [email protected]

Chief physician

Tuire Sannisto

Head nurses

Heidi Härmä
Heli Pakarinen
Updated 29.5.2022