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Neuropsychiatric disorders

What are neuropsychiatric disorders?

Neuropsychiatric disorders, often called “nepsy” in Finnish, are developmental disorders caused by either functional or structural abnormalities in the brain or a combination of functional and structural abnormalities. Neuropsychiatric disorders include ADHD, the autism spectrum, developmental language disorder, Tourette’s and difficulties in regulating sensory information.

A disorder may affect how a person structures and processes information, controls their own actions, interacts socially and regulates their emotions and behaviour. Neuropsychiatric disorders often involve challenges related to sleep, learning, language development and motor function, mood fluctuations, sensory sensitivity and symptoms of anxiety or obsessive compulsion.

Symptoms usually start before school age and continue in some form throughout life.

Early support, care and rehabilitation significantly help a child or young person with a neuropsychiatric disorder and their family. The City of Tampere Nepsy support team offers guidance and advice and helps you find ways to make your family’s everyday life easier. You can call the helpline when something in your everyday life is weighing on your mind. You will have the opportunity to talk with a coach specialised in neuropsychiatry.

The Finnish website has a collection of information and practical tips to support daily life. You can print pictures to help you structure time, space and routines, express emotions and needs and much more.

Contact information for the Nepsy support team

Services offered by the nepsy support team are confidential, voluntary and free of charge. You can access the services without a referral by contacting the employees in the team.

Family worker Sami Keto
Special education teacher in early childhood education and care Elina Pohjankunnas
Public health nurse Kirsi Kulmala
Public health nurse Laura Ristolainen

Email addresses are in the format first name.last [email protected]

Updated 29.5.2022