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Tampere Reception Centre


The city of Tampere welcomes people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Questions and answers on the Ukraine situation

Tampere Reception Centre
Tel. 040 639 7773
33500 Tampere

Valokuva: Lasten leikkihuoneen seinämaalukset ovat syntyneet vastaanottokeskuksen kulttuurisen virkistystoiminnan tuloksina.

The reception centre in Tampere is situated in the former Kauppi Hospital. It has accommodations for 300 adults and families. The centre organizes all the legal reception services for asylum seekers that are registered at the reception centre and for Ukrainians covered by temporary protection.

In addition to accommodation services, the centre provides social and health services, distributes monthly allowances and contingency funds, provides interpreters and helps with job and study opportunities as well as provides guidance and consulting services. The reception centre takes care of the whole asylum process, safety issues and the integration of the refuge into the community.

The reception centre is equipped with a widely educated workforce, which works in collaboration with different organizations. The Finnish Immigation Center covers all the costs of running the reception centre.

Reception Centre Manager Liisa Korkatti Tel. 040 639 7831