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Searching for a residence and moving

Looking for a residence

Once you have obtained the residence permit and your identity number, you may start searching for a place to live.

In Tampere, you may search for one at Asuntotori – “Housing Market Service" (contact information is provided at the end of this guide). At Asuntotori, you may fill in applications to different landlords. You may also use the websites of the various housing associations and fill in and submit it your application there.

You can also search for private rental housing. Private rented flats can be found through newspaper ads or the internet (housing-related websites are provided in the end of this guide).

There are also owner-occupied flats available in Finland. A flat may be purchased with savings or by means of a mortgage. The so-called ‘right-of-occupancy dwelling’ is a dwelling for which the occupant pays a part of its value. Furthermore, a monthly charge for use is payable.

A suitable residence: what kind of residence – and where?

Think about what kind of apartment you need. What kind can you afford? How much space do you require?

Apartments are more expensive in city centres than those further out from the centre. The buses of Tampere city public transport also offer a frequent service outside the city centre. Shops and other necessary services can be found outside the city centre, too.

Tenancy agreement

A tenant and the owner of the apartment make a written lease agreement. The renting of accommodation is prescribed by the Act on Residential Leasing.

The agreement establishes the term of the tenancy. It also specifies the amount of rent to be paid as well as the conditions under which a landlord may raise the rent.

The rent must be paid monthly and on time. The due date is indicated in the agreement. The rent shall always be paid by the due date, to the bank account of the landlord.

The accommodation shall be rented out in the condition it was in at the moment of signing the rental agreement.

The owner of the residence may ask you to pay a security deposit. It guarantees that you pay the rent on time and take a good care of the dwelling.

The security deposit may be an amount that corresponds to the rent of 1 to 3 months. You will get the security deposit back when you move out from the dwelling, as long as no problems have arisen during the rental period and the residence is in good condition.

Giving notice on tenancy agreement

Giving notice on tenancy agreement implies termination of the agreement.

The tenant may terminate the tenancy agreement at one month’s notice.

The landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement at three months’ notice, if the tenant has been living in the apartment for less than a year.

The landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement at six months’ notice, if the tenant has been living in the apartment for more than a year.

Check-list for moving house

Tyhjä asunto

Arrange the electricity agreement for your new address by phoning the electricity company. You may also make the agreement online.

Submit the notification of your new address within one week of the move at the latest. You may also do it in advance. The notification can be made online, on the website The notification to move must be done with respect to each move, with all the moving family members mentioned in it.

You may also submit the notification of the move on a hard copy form. The forms are available in post offices as well as at Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland).

Remember to let your bank, insurance company and any others who might need the information, know about your new address.

You are responsible for invoices addressed to you being sent to the correct address and getting paid on time.

Advise the property manager and the maintenance company of your move. The contact information can be found on the notice board on the staircase.

Carry out a home inspection in your new home. During the home inspection, you can make a note of possible faults and flaws found during the inspection, and advise the property manager of them. You may also photograph these faults and shortcomings. At the same time, you ensure that you are not liable for the faults yourself.

Get home insurance for yourself.

When you move house, remember to give notice of your tenancy agreement on time.

Also remember to take care to transfer your electricity agreement and possible Internet agreement. Submit the notication of move. Return the keys.

If you are moving to another country, notify the Register Office of your new country of residence.

Remember to clean your old dwelling and hand over all its keys. The security deposit will be returned, once the dwelling is in good order, the keys have been handed over and the rent paid for the entire length of occupancy.