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ABC glossary to housing

You can get assistance and guidance from a variety of places. A housing officer, property manager and the social services will help you with questions pertaining to housing. If you are in difficulties you may also ask for advice from the maintenance company.


The landlord is the owner of the apartment. The tenancy agreement is made between you and the landlord.

Property manager

The property manager is responsible for maintenance and the administration of the housing association and also helps in situations relating to good neighbourliness. The property manager is also the landlord’s representative with whom to raise any matters relating to housing.

Maintenance Company

The maintenance company performs minor repairs in the apartment and is responsible for the tidiness of the building and the yards.

You will find the contact information of the maintenance company on the notice board located on the staircase.

Social services

The social services care for Tampere residents, ensuring they are able to manage financially. Social services organize services that help and sustain people. The services are statutory.

Housing counsellor

A housing counsellor is a person who guides and helps with issues relating to housing. A housing counsellor works within the social services and in collaboration with housing associations.