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Older people's council

Valokuva: Vanhusneuvoston tunnuskuva.

The city of Tampere founded its older people's council in the year 1999. The council's predecesor by another name had existed since 1988.

The council consists mostly of representatives of older people's own organisations. In addition the council has a full time secretary provided and paid for by the city.

The parliament of Finland approved the law about old people's services in December 2012. According to this law a commun must found an older people's council if there isn't one in the commun already. Also, according to the law, the council must have sufficient resources and access to all information with respect to older people's issues.

The council must be included in the planning, decision making and evalution of the older people's issues in all fields: social and health services, city planning, transportation and so on.

For further information contact the secretary of the council:
Secretary of the council Kirsi Nurmio Tel. 040 806 3135